Wob: 50 Questions We’ll Be Asking at the End of NBA Free Agency

Wob: 50 Questions We’ll Be Asking at the End of NBA Free Agency article feature image

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant (35).

  • The NBA free agency frenzy hasn't started yet, but Rob Perez (@worldwidewob) already knows the 50 questions everyone will be asking once it's all over.

The following experiment is simple: what are the 50 questions we will be asking at the end of July once the free agency dust has settled?

1. Did the Knicks finally learn their lesson?

2. What did Kentavious Caldwell-Pope do to be so blessed?

3. Did J.R. Smith really get signed before Carmelo or is this a dream?

4. Were teams afraid to give out long-term deals to B-list free agents because of all those bad FOMO deals given out in 2016?

5. Hold up, when did they get Rondo?

6. Should Harrison Barnes go onto the cover of Forbes magazine for the bag he just secured?

7. Is Space Jam 2 considered tampering?

8. Has there ever been a franchise more stuck in mediocrity than the Charlotte Hornets?

9. Did Chris Paul’s contract prevent a super team?

10. How on God’s green earth did Rodney Hood just pull that off?

11. Is it the players or Danny Ainge?

12. Terrence Ross is going to be getting 1-year deals until he’s 40, isn’t he?

13. Is Ricky Rubio good or not?

14. Wait a second, are the Mavericks title contenders now?

15. Is Jimmy Butler going to tone it down now that he got paid?

16. Why did the Pacers do that so quickly?

17. Did we ever get an explanation why Anthony Davis was wearing a Hornets hat the night before the 2012 draft lottery?

18. Are we sure the Warriors are going to make the playoffs?

19. Did the Kings have any other choice?

20. Who’s going to be the first player to post one of those gym workout videos where they never miss a shot?

21. Ok, so what’s the plan here if Kyrie gets hurt?

22. How does Nene keep getting contracts?

23. Since when does every NBA team think Kelly Oubre Jr. is LeBron James?

24. Will Dwight Howard ever play again?

25. Is Rudy Gay signing for the veteran’s minimum the steal of the summer?

26. Do we still believe this?

27. After all that noise, all they got was Jabari Parker?

28. Where were you when all the teams who whiffed in the first week of free agency panicked and offered Nikola Vucevic a max contract?

29. Is this Lakers meme team funnier than the first?

30. DeAndre Jordan was the key all along, wasn’t he…?

31. Why did it take so long for everyone to realize Zubac wasn’t going to be on this year’s team regardless?

32. Why didn’t other teams overpay for Patrick Beverley?

33. How much is that Boban jersey?

34. Is Chandler Parsons now being the longest-tenured Grizzlies player still the most important lesson about free agency?

35. Hassan Whiteside is about to be the NBA’s biggest villain amongst his own fan base isn’t he?

36. Wait a second … if Klay Thompson is ready by the postseason, does that mean?

37. Do we actually trust Kyrie Irving?

38. How much are the Bucks regretting that Eric Bledsoe extension right now?

39. Is the city finally under new management?

40. Do players trust Daryl Money isn’t just going to turn around and trade them six months after signing?

41. Will Jamal Crawford still be playing in the league in his 50s?

42. Has anyone ever made more money off Summer League than Tyler Johnson?

43. Jeremy Lamb getting more years than Danny Green is the funniest thing to happen so far, yes?

44. Do we need to start taking the Trail Blazers seriously now?

45. Who has enough cap space to absorb the next disgruntled star on an expiring contract?

46. Are we sure the Morris twins haven’t ever switched places just to mess with us?

47. Isaiah Thomas about to ball out isn’t he?

48. Did the Hornets even offer Kemba Walker the max?

49. Lance Stephenson would fit in perfectly, can you convince me otherwise?

50. How do we still have no clue who’s going to win the title this year?

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