Rovell: Steph vs. Seth Curry 3-Point Contest Bet Easily Worth Six-Figures

Rovell: Steph vs. Seth Curry 3-Point Contest Bet Easily Worth Six-Figures article feature image

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Seth Curry and Steph Curry

  • Brothers Steph and Seth Curry are both competing in Saturday night's 3-Point Contest, and they've made a wager.
  • The loser between the two will have to buy tickets for the entire Curry family to the duo's head-to-head matchups for the rest of their careers.
  • Just how much money are we talking here? Darren Rovell runs the numbers.

Steph Curry and Seth Curry are both taking part in Saturday night’s 3-Point Contest. And there’s a bet: Whoever does worse has to pay for the Curry Family tickets every time the two of them play against each other.

We figure that before the two go into the contest they should have a rough idea of what is at stake.

So let’s get to work.

First, we need the number of people in the whole group. We have …

  • Seth and Steph’s sister Sydel. Luckily, the man she married last year is Damion Lee, who currently plays for the Warriors.
  • Steph’s family includes his three kids and his wife Ayesha.
  • Seth’s family, which reportedly includes his fiancée Callie Rivers. We’ll add her mother Kristin. We won’t include Doc Rivers (Callie’s father), since he’s coaching the Los Angeles Clippers.
  • Then we add Seth and Steph’s parents, former NBA sharpshooter Dell and his wife Sonya.

So we have a family of nine.

Warriors games are going to be the costly ones. The seats where the Currys currently sit — lower level mid-court — right now cost around $1,000 per seat on a single game basis.

There are no more games this season between the Warriors and the Trail Blazers, who Seth plays for, so that makes the bet cheaper in the near-term.

But the Warriors move into the spanking new Chase Center next year. Single-game prices aren’t out, but we’re going to assume the same seats will cost $1,750 each.

That’s $15,750 for each game for a party of nine.

Now, first some housekeeping: Seth Curry is on a one-year deal with Portland this offseason for nearly $3 million.

We’ll just make an assumption that Seth won’t be playing on the Warriors and he plays in the league for at least four more years.

So if Seth’s team plays Steph’s team in San Francisco two times a year, it’s $31,500 a year for the Warriors tickets. And assuming an NBA average of about $750 for the same area tickets on what would be Seth’s team, it would be $6,750 a game per game for the party of nine — or $13,500 a year.

So $31,500 + $13,500 = $45,000

Multiply that times four seasons and we have $180,000.

We’re also going to add three children over those four years — two to Sydel and one to Seth. Spacing it out, including the new kids, adds approximately $15,000 to the total cost.

So the bet, making a bunch of assumptions, could be worth as much as $195,000 in tickets.

Not a small bet, but it’s obviously a lot more costly to Seth, given his lower salary.

Steph will make $490,361 per game next year. We figure it will take Seth 10 games to make that.