The Action Network NBA Podcast: Ultimate Western Conference Breakdown

Oct 11, 2018 10:01 AM EDT

NBA experts Bryan Mears, Justin Phan, and Jay Persson preview every team in the Western Conference in preparation for the beginning of the NBA season next week. The guys discuss Jimmy Butler’s practice antics and trade rumors, Jay and Justin negotiate a side bet on the Nuggets’ and Warriors’ team win totals, and our experts discuss how Late Swap may affect Anthony Davis ownership. Later, our panel recommends that you should fade the Thunder and buy the Jazz.

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Dallas Mavericks (1:12)
Denver Nuggets (5:03)
Golden State Warriors (8:45)
Houston Rockets (13:28)
Los Angeles Clippers (20:17)
Los Angeles Lakers (26:00)
Minnesota Timberwolves (29:25)
New Orleans Pelicans (33:30)
Oklahoma City Thunder (37:39)
Phoenix Suns (41:05)
Portland Trail Blazers (45:05)
Sacramento Kings (47:18)
San Antonio Spurs (49:46)
Utah Jazz (52:53)

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