Joffe’s World Cup Challenge, Day 6: Banking on My Polish Heritage

Joffe’s World Cup Challenge, Day 6: Banking on My Polish Heritage article feature image

The Highlights

  • No, I did not bet on Mexico +625. Never crossed my mind. And I’ve never been more sad in my life.
  • If Colombia’s James Rodriguez doesn’t play Tuesday, I’m totally screwed. Come on, James!
  • I recently found out I’m part Polish. Who knew?! That means I’m morally obligated to bet on Poland. 

I spent Sunday celebrating Father’s Day with my dad, so I got up late. OK, those things are totally not related, but still … I got up late and only caught a glimpse of the Costa Rica-Serbia game. Despite my limited knowledge of both teams, I still cashed my ticket. Suck it, research.

As someone who prides herself on betting huge underdogs, I can’t believe I missed out on Mexico’s massive upset over Germany. But if I’m being honest, I never even considered grabbing the +625. Congrats to those of you who did, and congrats to everyone’s new favorite grandmother:

My Monday card got off to a gross start with Sweden’s 1-0 win. I maintain that I won this bet (shockingly, the sportsbook does not agree). The game was garbage, and so was the PK that led to Sweden’s one and only goal. That ref is soooooo Dead To Me.

Belgium-Panama really tested my mettle. I decided to place two bets instead of the normal one (YOLO). By the time halftime rolled around, I had pretty much torn up both tickets in my brain. I mean, how IN THE HELL was a powerhouse like Belgium tied with Panama, a country that was playing in its first-ever World Cup game?

Thankfully, the second half proved my freakout to be unwarranted, as Belgium covered my -2 and Over 2.5 bets

On to Tuesday …

Current balance: $539.37

Colombia vs. Japan

8 a.m. ET, FS1

From what I’ve read, Group H is a fairly tight top to bottom. There’s some question about one of Colombia’s best players (James Rodriguez) not playing Tuesday, which would be a big blow. But the publishing biz waits for no one, so I’m doing my best impression of that grandmother above and praying that he plays.

The pick: $10 to win $7.30 on Colombia ML (-137)


Poland vs. Senegal

11 a.m. ET, FOX

I have no idea about this game, so I’m going with my heart here. In my recent family genealogy research, I discovered I have Polish roots. So, yeahhhhhh, Poland!!! It seems like they are the better team, but I really don’t know soooo … let’s hedge our bets a little. This is the “I’m hoping for a win, but would be OK with a draw” bet. If that doesn’t make you wanna tail this pick, I don’t know what will …

The pick: $10 to win $9.17 on Poland pk, -0.5 (-109)

Russia vs. Egypt

2 p.m. ET, FOX

We saw a total domination by Russia on the first day of the tournament, followed by a not-so-dominant performance when Egypt played (and lost) to Uruguay. Word is that Mo Salah will actually play in this game, which would give Egypt a nice boost. OK, so full transparency here: I was GOING to take the Russia ML, but my friend who knows way more about soccer than me said I should take the Egypt ML. If they lose, I’m going to say it’s all part of a grand Russian conspiracy, so I kind of win either way. Except for the whole “getting money deposited back in your account” part …

The pick: $10 to win $32.50 on Egypt ML (+325)

PSA: I feel the LEAST confident about Tuesday’s picks among all the bets I’ve made thus far. I can smell an 0-3 day coming. At least I’m honest, right?

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