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2020 Masters Choose Your Own Adventure: Taking in the Other Groups

2020 Masters Choose Your Own Adventure: Taking in the Other Groups article feature image

Peter Dazeley, Getty Images.

Go watch some of the other groups.

As McIlroy and Koepka start their descent down the eighth fairway, you decide to backtrack.

Life is full of tough decisions, after all, and you don’t want to spend an entire Sunday afternoon at the Masters watching some dead weight.

Just as you arrive at the seventh green and catch a first glimpse of Reed, the loudest ovation of the day emanates from – wouldn’t you know it? – right where you were a few minutes earlier.

You chalk it up to bad luck, not a bad decision, and decide to watch Reed and Rahm for a few holes. Forget about the fireworks, these guys couldn’t even make a spark. It just felt like everyone was playing tight.

No worries, you figure. Let’s hang back for Tiger and Phil.

Well, Tiger and Phil won’t steer you wrong. Sure, they have the largest gallery of the day – by far – which will make the viewing experience a bit more difficult, but no two players have provided firepower in major championships over the past quarter-century than these guys.

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Yet again, the wrong move. As Reed and Rahm march ahead, the gallery lustily cheers – and boos! – as if witnessing a football game. You can’t believe your luck. Meanwhile, your group is slogging around, trading bogeys on the first hole you watch ‘em.

Bad news: You know how they say good things come in threes? Apparently, they do – just not for you. Once again, for a third time, there’s a loud roar from the twosome you just left. Now you’re starting to think, It’s not them, it’s me.

In fact, you’re starting to think a lot of things — and most of them aren’t helping.

Maybe you’re doing this wrong, walking with groups instead of camping out at a specific hole. Maybe you’re destined to never see anything special today. Maybe – and yes, this sounds blasphemous – you’d be better suited leaving and watching all the action on TV instead of chasing birdies and constantly missing. It’s enough to leave you seriously pondering the situation.

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