Bernhard Langer’s Favorite Golf Gambling Story: Shaking Down Seve Ballesteros

Jan 26, 2019 12:30 AM EST

Jason Flynn, USA Today Sports. Pictured: Bernhard Langer

The Action Network spoke with several of golf’s biggest legends find out their favorite personal golf betting stories. In a previous series, we spoke with several of today’s biggest stars about their favorite betting stories. You can find those here.

  • Who: Bernhard Langer
  • When: Long Ago
  • Where: Ryder Cup Practice Round

A pre-Ryder Cup match between European teammates was so long ago that Langer doesn’t remember specific details, but he knows that he and a partner beat Seve Ballesteros – and remembers that it took a while to get paid on the wager.

“We had a little 20-pound bet going on during the practice round at the Ryder Cup.

“It was two against two. Whoever I was playing with, I know we beat Seve and his partner.

“Normally, when we play for money, you wind up getting it right there on the 18th green. That’s just how golf is. If you lose, you pay up; if you win, you take it.

“Seve was supposed to pay me and the other guy was supposed to pay my partner. I never saw the money for a long, long time. They always said, ‘If you lose against Seve, you have to ask [his wife] Carmen for the money, because he doesn’t carry any cash.’

“I wasn’t used to waiting a few weeks.

“Eventually, I got it. I gave him enough grief that he finally had enough of it. He found the money somewhere.”

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