David Toms’ Favorite Golf Gambling Story: A Hole-In-One and an Annoying Caddy

David Toms’ Favorite Golf Gambling Story: A Hole-In-One and an Annoying Caddy article feature image

Isaiah J. Downing, USA Today Sports. Pictured: David Toms

The Action Network spoke with several of golf’s biggest legends find out their favorite personal golf betting stories. In a previous series, we spoke with several of today’s biggest stars about their favorite betting stories. You can find those here.

Who: David Toms
When: Recently
Where: Shreveport, La.

Toms’ favorite golf betting story doesn’t come from a competitive round against top pros, but from a “friendly” game of Wolf against the head professional and three other scratch players at Southern Trace Country Club, one of his home courses.

“The head pro is down. We get to 16 and he’s trying to go lone wolf all the way in, because he’s down so much.

“So, it’s a par-3, about 180 yards. He hits first, he’s wolfing, knocks it to about two feet. He’s got his chest puffed out, he’s all excited.

“Well, I then make it for a hole-in-one.

“And he can’t pick me, because he’s already wolfed it. It was pretty funny.

“That’s not even my best hole-in-one story, though.

“I was in Mexico, playing a Ben Hogan event. I picked up a caddie who had taken a bus or something from Houston. He’s down there working and he’s one of those guys who wanted to tell me what to do on every hole, even though he’d never caddied for me before.

“We get to a par-3 the second day. It was the 16th hole. I was in between 5- and 6-iron, so I took both clubs to the tee. He’s over there shaking his head in front of the other players. He goes, ‘It’s a 6-iron.’

“I’m like, whatever. Then he goes, ‘If you were listening to me, you might be winning this tournament.’

“So, I hit the 5-iron and made a 1. Then I fired him two holes later.”

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