How to Make Money Betting Spring Training Baseball

How to Make Money Betting Spring Training Baseball article feature image

The boys are back! Spring training is underway, and the start of the MLB season is just around the corner. For managers, March is a time to evaluate talent. For players it’s a chance to earn a roster spot. And for bettors, exhibition baseball is an opportunity to build your bankroll.

Let’s get this out of the way, betting preseason baseball doesn’t make you a degenerate. Anyone who says otherwise is uninformed. Ignore the haters and follow this simple strategy to make money betting spring training baseball.

One of the best features of Bet Labs is the community where users share winning betting systems. A user that goes by “Resaka” posted a spring training system for run-line bettors.

The strategy is straightforward — bet non-playoff road teams against a postseason participant from the previous season — and the results speak for themselves:

We’ve been tracking exhibition baseball for the past five years. In that time, following this shared run-line system in the Bet Labs community has gone 304-131 (69.9%). A $100 bettor would have returned a profit of $6,274 placing these bets with a return on investment of 14.4%.

Now that you are a believer, how about some plays? Ask and you shall receive!

Bankroll Builders

  • Brewers at Diamondbacks (3/1/18): Fun note, my friend Nate Orf (pictured above) is batting .500 so far this spring for the Brewers!
  • Rangers at Indians (3/2/18)
  • Blue Jays at Twins (3/2/18)
  • Braves at Yankees (3/2/18)

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