Finally it’s Opening Day!

At the beginning of the season, every manager has his dreams of winning the World Series with the team he runs out there. He knows he has weaknesses — every team does — it’s just a matter of how you hide those flaws. Your job is to put your players in the best situation to succeed. But for whatever reason, managers tend to ignore the matchups on Opening Day, opting instead to roll out the most TALENTED starting nine. Skippers — especially new ones — are playing the percentages instead of going with their gut. Why? It’s safe. The front office wants the percentage play. Plain and simple. Too bad you don’t play the game on paper.


So in April and May, you really need to focus on managers and BULLPENS with the weird start times, cold weather and rain delays.

model helps you find edges when betting moneylines and over/unders for the full game
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