Introducing the Knicks’ Most Important Free Agency Acquisition: Options


Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: R.J. Barrett

  • After months of build-up, the Knicks struck out on their pursuit of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.
  • But it's not all bad news for Knicks. As Rob Perez explains, the franchise didn't panic with its moves and maintained flexibility for future deals.

You probably opened this webpage looking for a meltdown.

Honestly, I don’t blame you.

There are plenty of justifiable reasons why Knicks fans should be mad — the first of which being sheer embarrassment.

The Brooklyn Nets stole the Knicks’ date, took them home, and posted a sweaty selfie from bed at 3 a.m. Regardless of how much the Knicks stink or how long it’s been since the franchise won a championship, they were always the varsity in New York City.

Even when the New Jersey Nets had one of the most fun teams in the NBA and were legitimate title contenders in Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson — nobody here actually cared from a mainstream perspective.

The Tri-state area is orange and blue, through-and-through, and it’s this widespread popularity that fans have always hung their hats on whenever skirmishes with Nets fans popped up.

I am not overselling this when I say June 30, 2019, without question, will go down as one of the lowest days in Knicks fandom history solely because it was the Nets, the junior varsity, who were the ones to put them on blast.

It doesn’t end there either, unfortunately.

The Knicks doubled down by leaking a report to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne that they never even offered Kevin Durant a max contract in the first place:

The explanation for not offering the max is somewhat defensible — if the Knicks front office had genuine concern that KD’s Achilles injury would prevent him from returning to his old self, then so be it.

They already learned the hard way what happens when you give an uninsured guaranteed contract to a backend-of-his-prime superstar with lower leg problems in the form of Amar’e Stoudemire — it can blow up in your face and cripple the salary cap for a half decade.

But what exactly was the purpose of making this public, if it was truly the Knicks who were the source of the information?

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