Download Our FREE NBA Finals Game 2 Props Sheet

Download Our FREE NBA Finals Game 2 Props Sheet article feature image

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Draymond Green

The Highlights

  • We made a free NBA Finals Game 2 props sheet that you can download below.
  • You can take it to your viewing party and bet with your buddies.
  • You might will be considered the hero of the night.

If you downloaded the Game 1 prop sheet, hopefully you took “yes” on Draymond Green getting a tech at 4-1 odds. Game 1 might have been the Cavs’ best chance at getting into this series — the Warriors are currently -1900 to win the title — but that shouldn’t stop you from gambling on the Game 2 festivities. If you think J.R. Smith is going to continue his boneheaded ways, or if you have strong opinions on Larry Nance vs. Shaun Livingston, boy do we have a prop sheet for you.

Download our FREE NBA Finals Game 2 prop sheet here!

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Your Super-Secret-Don’t-Tell-Your-Party-Mates-You-Looked Cheat Sheet

Since you’re the go-getter who’s printing this out and organizing the betting festivities, here’s a cheat sheet. We polled seven of our NBA analysts for their picks on each of the 10 props.

Will J.R. Smith have over/under 1.5 turnovers?

Over (worth 2 pts): 4 votes
Under (worth 1 pt): 3 votes

Will Kevin Durant miss a free throw?

Yes: 4 votes
No: 3 votes

Will Stephen Curry make or miss his first 3-point attempt?

Make: 3 votes
Miss: 4 votes

Will Kevin Love grab between nine and 13 rebounds?

Yes: 4 votes
No: 3 votes

Will Draymond Green get another technical foul?

Yes (worth 4 pts): 1 vote
No (worth 1 pt): 6 votes

Will LeBron James have over/under 54.5 points+rebounds+assists?

Over: 3 votes
Under: 4 votes

Will LeBron James play over/under 43.5 minutes?

Over: 4 votes
Under: 3 votes

Who will score more points: Larry Nance or Shaun Livingston?

Nance: 4 votes
Livingston: 3 votes

Will Game 2 have over/under 38.5 combined fouls?

Over: 5 votes
Under: 2 votes

Will Nick Young make a 3-pointer?

Yes: 5 votes
No: 2 votes

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