Sharps Hitting Key Number in Wisconsin-Michigan Matchup

Oct 10, 2018 10:55 AM EDT
  • Sharps have already made their opinion clear on Saturday's game between No. 12 Michigan (-8) and No. 15 Wisconsin.
  • Sports Insights' Bet Signals reveal which way the smart money is going.

In a near identical situation to last weekend’s Oklahoma-Texas game, sharp bettors have once again found value in the key number of 7, this time coming from the Big Ten.

No. 12 Michigan opened as 7-point favorites over No. 15 Wisconsin (Saturday, 7:30 p.m. ET) in a game that will effectively kill the loser’s chance at a New Year’s Six bowl.

Sharps made their stance clear on that number.

On Tuesday night, wiseguys at CRIS, a market-setting book hosting some of the sharpest players, hammered Michigan at -7, and this line has yet to make its way back since.

In fact, Michigan is now listed as high as -8.5 at some books.

What makes the line move even more interesting is that the Wolverines aren’t the more popular bet. They’ve actually received only 30% of bets in this game, but those bets have accounted for 47% of money being wagered.

If the public’s love for Wisconsin is enough to bring this line back to 7, I expect sharps will be ready to pounce once again.


Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Michigan Wolverines quarterback Shea Patterson (2) leaves the field after the game against Maryland Terrapins at Michigan Stadium

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