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105 Points! All the Ways Chiefs-Rams Shattered Oddsmakers’ Expectations

105 Points! All the Ways Chiefs-Rams Shattered Oddsmakers’ Expectations article feature image

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  • The Monday Night Football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams closed with the highest over/under in NFL history: 63.5 points
  • With 105 points scored, it's the third-highest scoring game in NFL history, more than living up to its historic status in the betting world.

We made a pretty big deal about the Chiefs-Rams over/under in these parts. We talked about it possibly being historic weeks ago. And then a few weeks after that.

And then, when the record-breaking total came to fruition, we let you know about that, too.

But historic games don’t always live up to their billing.

Monday Night’s shootout had no such issues, as the Chiefs and Rams posted 105 points, eclipsing the over/under (63.5) by a whopping 41.5 points.

In the words of Jared Goff, it was “four quarters of craziness” and it “felt like Texas-Tech and Cal.”

He’s not wrong.

Chiefs-Rams is the first game in NFL history to feature two teams scoring at least 50 points. NFL teams had been 216-0 when they scored 50 or more; they’re now 217-1.

The betting public also reaped the rewards of such a high-scoring game, as 63% of tickets wagered on the total played the over, according to The Action Network’s public betting data.

Interestingly, some books won with the game going over, but really got hurt from the game landing on three points.

“While we actually moderately won on the total, the game falling on 3 was a disaster,” odds consultant DJ Fields told The Action Network.

“Basically the story is the total and sides were pretty even, but with the game landing on three … we paid out everyone who bought points and this game finished out a ton of teasers,” Fields added.

To put all of these numbers in context, here’s how tonight’s 105 points compare to the other 12 NFL over/unders to close at 58 or higher:

Here are all of the other ways Chiefs-Rams shattered bookmakers’ expectations (prop lines via Oddsshark):

First quarter over/under

  • Line: 13.5
  • Acutal: 20

First half over/under

  • Line: 31.5
  • Actual: 46

Second half over/under

  • Line: 35
  • Actual: 59

Total touchdowns

  • Line: 7.5
  • Actual: 14

Longest TD

  • Line: 48.5 yards
  • Actual: 73 yards

Jared Goff passing yards

  • Line: 325.5
  • Actual: 413

Patrick Mahomes passing yards

  • Line: 320.5
  • Actual: 478

Jared Goff total touchdowns

  • Line: 2.5
  • Actual: 4

Patrick Mahomes total touchdowns

  • Line: 2.5
  • Actual: 6

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