Joffe’s World Cup Challenge, Day 13: The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

Joffe’s World Cup Challenge, Day 13: The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants article feature image

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The Highlights

  • I want to root for Australia, so I’ll be betting them at +120 odds against Peru on Tuesday.
  • I feel dirty betting Argentina because, well, they’re a dirty team. But the rules mandate I bet every game, sooooo … Messi it is!
  • I swore off Iceland, but Croatia playing their “B team” means it’s time to hop back on the bandwagon.

I don’t even know what to say. Everyone sucks. Especially Russia. The “Putin is puppeteering the World Cup” conspiracy is officially dead to me, which of course means it will resurrect itself in Russia’s knockout game against Portugal. As for Tuesday, somehow the only team with no possibility of advancing (out of eight) is Peru. It’s another day full of do-or-die matches. Hopefully for me there’ll be a lot more “do” than “die.”

Current balance: $415.27

Australia vs. Peru

10 a.m. ET, FS1

Peru have already been eliminated, and they’re down a man after Jefferson Farfan suffered a scary head injury at practice. I went back and forth with this game, but ultimately I want to root for Australia, so that’s who I’m going with. I hope my family appreciates my backing their team, because my betting account does not.

It will take a Denmark loss and a convincing win from Australia for them to advance, but crazier things have happened.

The pick: $15 to win $18.00 on Australia PK (+120)

Denmark vs. France

10 a.m. ET, FOX

France have advanced, and a win or draw with Denmark will secure the top seed for Group C. Denmark advance with a win or draw or an Australia draw or loss. I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with Denmark’s last game against Australia. France will certainly be aiming for the top seed, so I’m betting on Pogba & Co.

The pick: $15 to win $17.40 on France ML (+116)


Nigeria vs. Argentina

2 p.m. ET, FOX

Despite two atrocious performances from Argentina, the white and sky-blue still have a chance to advance. I feel dirty betting on Argentina because A) I don’t think they deserve to go through, and B) they played dirty in their last game. But I like money, so I’m not going to let “feelings” hold me back.

Full disclosure, I would have passed on this game if this weren’t part of the #JOFFIFA challenge. You know what they say: When in doubt, bet a massive favorite that may be crumbling under the pressure. … What’s that? They don’t say that? Moving right along …

The pick: $15 to win $7.81 on Argentina ML (-192)

Iceland vs. Croatia

2 p.m. ET, FS1

Croatia have been playing well, but it appears they will be playing with their “B team,” meaning Iceland have a shot here. Even though I swore I was over them, the heart wants what the heart wants, so I’m going with ’em to at least draw. I sprinkled a little more on the under, because when has overextending myself ever ended poorly? Oh wait.

The pick: $10 to win $7.14 on Iceland +.5 (-140)
The pick: $10 to win $8.77 on Under 2, 2.25 (-114)

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