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$431K Championship Parlay Ticket Still Alive, Buyer Talks

$431K Championship Parlay Ticket Still Alive, Buyer Talks article feature image

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images. Pictured: James Harden and Russell Westbrook.

It was a little more than three weeks ago that a bettor sold one of the most insane parlay tickets on PropSwap. Although the buyer, who paid $3,000 for a ticket that could net him $431,035 if everything goes through, still hasn’t made himself public, The Action Network got the gambler to answer some questions ahead of two crucial games on Wednesday night.

This crazy $40 parlay ticket was sold on @PropSwap for $3,000 this morning. Would net buyer $431,035. 🤔😳

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) August 13, 2020

The ticket had the Chiefs beating the Denver Broncos (they did), Washington Nationals winning the World Series (they did) and LSU Tigers winning the College Football Playoff (they did).

But there were two more very big legs to go — the Dallas Stars had to win the Stanley Cup, and the Houston Rockets had to win the NBA title. With the Stars down 1-0 in their first-round NHL playoff series against the Calgary Flames and Russell Westbrook hurt for the Houston Rockets, the original bettor Ryan Wright unloaded his ticket to the unknown buyer, who bought it for $3,000, twice as much as it it was technically worth at the time.

The Stars came back, beating the Flames in six games, and they now play Wednesday with a 3-2 lead in their second-round series against the Colorado Avalanche. Meanwhile, the Rockets are on the ropes in a Game 7.

The buyer of the ticket is a 48-year-old gambler who told us, through a PropSwap intermediary, that he bets daily and bought the ticket on the prop ticket exchange to give him more excitement.

“I wasn’t trying to make the best bet or find the best odds,” he said. “Just trying to do something fun.”

And then something else happened that he hadn’t intended.

“I really wasn’t betting on the Stars, and since I bought the ticket, I have started and made a lot more money than the cost of the ticket, so if it wins it’s literally just profit.”

On Wednesday night, the buyer of the ticket will be sitting at home, hoping his run continues.

“I don’t want it to lose because we have had a lot of fun watching games,” he said. “The longer it lasts, the more fun it is.”

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