Moore’s NBA Trade Deadline Primer: What I’m Hearing on Anthony Davis, Grizzlies, More

Feb 06, 2019 08:15 PM EST

Photo credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Anthony Davis

  • The 2019 NBA trade deadline is this coming Thursday, Feb. 7, at 3 p.m. ET.
  • Below I walk through everything I'm hearing around the league, including the latest with Anthony Davis, Mike Conley and Marc Gasol.

Trade deadline week is here, and, man, has it evolved quickly over the past four weeks.

The general consensus a month ago was that this trade deadline would be quiet. There were too many teams with cap space, too many unmovable contracts, too many teams playing well, to be honest, for any major moves to happen.

Then the Anthony Davis trade saga detonated last Monday, throwing chaos into the mix. Then a few days later the Knicks traded their franchise big man Kristaps Porzingis to Dallas, clearing cap space to presumably chase Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving — two players enjoying a lot of regular-season success with their current teams.

And in between all that, we have some things we know, some things we think and some things we still have no idea about.

Let’s run through them all.



The all-out blitz Klutch Sports has enacted this week on the New Orleans Pelicans and Boston Celtics is awe-inspiring, to be quite honest.

I’m not in the business of calling out sources; these things are often more complicated than they appear on the surface. But not only is Rich Paul — the agent of LeBron James who also represents Anthony Davis — not hiding his tracks at all with the number of media reports being leaked, he went so far as to go on record on Monday with ESPN, prompting a $50,000 fine for Davis. (That fine, by the way, is $28,000 less than what Davis makes playing one quarter of basketball.)

It’s enough to make you wonder who’s really in charge of the Lakers: Magic Johnson or Rich Paul.

After the trade demand from Davis went public, reports surfaced that Boston “was not a preferred destination” — not once, but twice in a span of four days.

That was followed by Davis’ father openly commenting that his son would not want to play there after Celtics GM Danny Ainge traded Isaiah Thomas following an injury three months after the death of Thomas’ sister, and subsequent indications that while Davis had not specifically demanded a trade to any destination, that list was “expected soon.”

The list was leaked — imagine that — on Monday and includes the Lakers; the Knicks, who have no assets left to trade for him; the Bucks, who have expiring contracts and picks several years in the future (which makes it difficult) and the Clippers, who lose their pick to Boston if they make the playoffs.

It does not include the Celtics.