College Football Bad Beats: Wisconsin-Iowa Under Wrecked by 2 Late TDs

Sep 23, 2018 12:29 AM EDT

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Jonathan Taylor

  • The over/under for the Wisconsin-Iowa game was the lowest on Saturday's college football (44 points).
  • Anyone who bet the under suffered through one of the worst beats of Week 4.

Wisconsin-Iowa was looking like an under bettor’s dream through 98% of the game.

The 44-point over/under for the game was the lowest on Saturday’s college football slate, and just 31 points had been scored in the first 58 minutes.

And then disaster struck for those who banked on a low-scoring affair.

Wisconsin’s 88-yard drive late in the fourth quarter gave it a 4-point lead with 1:02 remaining and brought the total points to 38.

Iowa got the ball back on the ensuing kickoff, trying to mount an improbable long drive to pull the upset.

The sequence that followed:

  • Iowa completion
  • Iowa incompletion
  • Wisconsin interception (43 seconds left)
  • Wisconsin 4-yard gain (Iowa timeout)
  • Wisconsin no gain (Iowa timeout)
  • Wisconsin 33-yard touchdown run (22 seconds left)

A made extra point brought the total points to 45, clearing the over/under by a point.


Our condolences to anyone who suffered through that brutal beat.

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