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College Football Odds & Picks For Colorado State vs. Boise State Football: How Pros Are Betting This Spread


Loren Orr/Getty Images. Pictured: CT Thomas

College Football Odds: Colorado State vs. Boise State

Colorado State Odds +14
Boise State Odds -14
Over/Under 60.5
Time 8 p.m. ET
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It’ll be competing with — and losing to — an exciting AFC South Thursday Night Football matchup in terms of viewership, but tonight’s lone college football game, Colorado State vs. Boise State, stands tall as far as the action it’s drawn from sharp bettors.

Boise State is a two-touchdown favorite over its guest from the south, but the spread wasn’t always sitting right on that key number.

Our PRO Report illustrates how sharps have helped shape the current line.

Note: Data as of 10 a.m. ET.

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College Football Sharp Pick: Colorado State vs. Boise State

Who says sharps don’t like favorites? Tonight’s big, sharp bets have been landing on the Broncos despite Boise laying double-digit points.

Sharp Action

The very earliest openers for this game actually came at the current 14-point line. They were immediately adjusted, however, as more books joined the party, and the first line to really stick was Boise -13.

Over the course of the week, only 46% of bettors have been laying the points with the Broncos, but the spread has still managed to climb back up to two full touchdowns thanks to sharps.

Sports Insights Bet Signals have confirmed that, triggering three instances of market moves caused specifically by sharp action, with no such cases on the opposing side.

Sharp Action edge: Boise State

Big Money

Giving more reason for oddsmakers to adjust this spread, those 46% of bettors on Boise have generated 69% of actual money. Of course, that’s going to create a bit of a monetary liability, but more importantly it tells us how the bigger bettors are playing this game.

And while big bets can technically come from anyone, they’re far more likely to come from sharps. This discrepancy serves as further indication of pro action on the favorite.

Big Money edge: Boise State

The betting tools used by the pros

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Projections from proven pros

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