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College Football Odds & Picks for Friday: Sharps Betting Arizona vs. Arizona State, Nevada vs. San Jose State (Dec. 11)

College Football Odds & Picks for Friday: Sharps Betting Arizona vs. Arizona State, Nevada vs. San Jose State (Dec. 11) article feature image

Christian Petersen/Getty Images. Pictured: Jayden Daniels

The pre-weekend college football slate continues tonight with three games, giving bettors another taste of action before tomorrow’s main course. And while, obviously, recreational bettors will jump at the opportunity to bet football on a Friday night, sharps aren’t necessarily guaranteed to be in the same boat.

That is, of course, unless they find betting value on the games. And it seems as though they have.

According to our PRO Report, some significant sharp action has hit two of tonight’s matchups, starting with an intrastate rivalry in Tempe. Let’s take a look.

Note: Data as of 10 a.m. ET.

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Navy vs. Army

Houston vs. Memphis


Arizona vs. Arizona State

7 p.m. ET | ESPN

Big wagers from respected bettors have landed on Arizona State, and they’ve made the Sun Devils even bigger favorites.

Sharp Action

As is often the case, the favored side has been the more popular one (most bettors prefer to bet on the stronger team), but this hasn’t certainly hasn’t been a runaway for Arizona State, which holds a 56% to 44% edge in terms of betting tickets.

That makes the already significant line move toward the Devils even more interesting, as it means there’s probably some professional action within that 56%, especially considering the line change crossed over a key number in -10.

Sure enough, Sports Insights Bet Signals have confirmed at least four instances of market-moving action on ASU from pros, with no such signs on the other side.

Sharp Action edge: Arizona State

Big Money

Another reason for this line move? While bets are relatively balanced, the distribution of actual money is not. Arizona State has driven 77% of the loot on this spread as of writing.

And while that’s going to catch sportsbooks’ attention simply as a monetary liability, it perhaps more importantly reveals the opinion of bigger bettors — the ones more likely to be professionals — serving as further confirmation of the sharp side.

Big Money edge: Arizona State

Nevada vs. San Jose State

10 p.m. ET | CBS Sports Network

The nightcap features another significant line move caused by sharps — once again making the big bets.

Sharp Action

The sharp side is made easier to locate by the fact that this line move has come in the direction of the unpopular side. Nevada is getting just 45% of bets, but has gone from as high as +3.5 to +1.5 across the market, again passing through a key number (+3).

For confirmation, three SI Bet Signals have been triggered on the Wolfpack, including two inside the key number — at +2.5 and +2 — explaining the move to the current line.

Sharp Action edge: Nevada

Big Money

San Jose State’s edge in the betting ticket department doesn’t exist on sportsbooks’ balance sheets. In fact, that 45% backing of Nevada has generated 64% of actual money hitting this spread, once again revealing the opinion of bigger — and probably sharper — bettors.

Big Money edge: Nevada

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