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College Football Odds & Sharp Pick: How Pros Are Betting South Alabama vs. Georgia Southern

College Football Odds & Sharp Pick: How Pros Are Betting South Alabama vs. Georgia Southern article feature image

Bobby McDuffie/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images. Pictured: Jalen Tolbert

College Football Odds: South Alabama vs. Georgia Southern

South Alabama Spread +4
Georgia Southern Spread -4
Over/Under 52
PRO Projection Ga. Southern -4.8 | 49.9
Time 7:30 p.m. ET

In a perfect world, the process for oddsmakers is pretty straightforward: set a line, court 50% of bettors to either side, pay out the winning half and walk away with the other side’s money plus the winners’ vig. Easy enough, right?

Well, attracting 50% of bets on either side is a more difficult task than it may sound, but sportsbooks have been able to create that split on tonight’s South Alabama vs. Georgia Southern spread.

So why, then, have they continually been adjusting this line throughout the week?

Sharp action.

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College Football Sharp Pick: South Alabama vs. Georgia Southern

Our PRO Report tool is somewhat bare as of the late morning, but the lone lit-up signal is a big one.

Sharp Action

After opening just shy of a touchdown favorite, Georgia Southern’s edge is now closer to just a field goal. And, again, that’s despite a perfect 50-50 split in the betting market.

Per Sports Insights Bet Signals, sharps have come down on South Alabama on three separate occasions, as evidenced by the three steam moves they’ve triggered.

Steam refers to a sudden, market-wide line move that comes as a result of heavy money hitting the same side of a bet all at once, and is a dead giveaway of sharp action.

With books following the lead of their more respected customers, this line has seen a 2.5- to 3-point drop across the market.

Sharp Action edge: South Alabama

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