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College Football Odds & Picks: How Sharps Are Betting Thursday’s Florida Atlantic vs. Southern Miss Spread (Dec. 10)

College Football Odds & Picks: How Sharps Are Betting Thursday’s Florida Atlantic vs. Southern Miss Spread (Dec. 10) article feature image

Mark Brown/Getty Images. Pictured: Harrison Bryant

  • Tonight's college football game between FAU and Southern Miss has attracted some sharp action.
  • Although FAU seems to be the more popular bet among the public, Southern miss is getting the bigger bets, which indicates that respected bettors are backing the underdogs.
  • Danny Donahue explains.

College Football Odds: Florida Atlantic vs. Southern Miss

Florida Atlantic Odds -9
Southern Miss Odds +9
Over/Under 67
PRO Projection FAU -9.5 | 44.5
Time 6:30 p.m. ET
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To most, tonight’s 6:30 p.m. ET Florida Atlantic vs. Southern Miss college football matchup is nothing more than an appetizer for what comes 30 minutes later.

But while Pitt-Georgia Tech may steal the spotlight, there is one department in which our PRO Report suggests the Conference USA matchup takes the cake: Sharp action.

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College Football Sharp Pick: Florida Atlantic vs. Southern Miss

Both the Sharp Action and Big Money indicators are lit up on the Southern Miss side, and they’re probably telling us the same thing: big bets from sharps are landing on the underdog.

Sharp Action

Looking simply at the movement of odds since opening doesn’t quite tell the whole story here. There’s actually been some movement in each direction since this line was released, but only one of those directions has been a result of sharp action, per Sports Insights Bet Signals.

They’ve been triggered twice on Southern Miss, revealing a pair of unique instances of professional action on the underdog, and have yet to show any such sign on the other side.

Sharp Action edge: Southern Miss

Big Money

Making that sharp movement even more clear has been the difference between the percentage of bets and money landing on each side. Since sharps tend to make bigger wagers than the average bettor, seeing more money than bets on a given side lends a hint toward sharp action, and in this case it’s been a pretty big one.

The 29% of bettors on Southern Miss have generated an impressive 81% of actual money as of writing.

Big Money edge: Southern Miss

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