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College Football Odds & Picks: How Sharps are Betting Navy vs. Army, Coastal Carolina vs. Troy, More Week 15 Saturday Games

College Football Odds & Picks: How Sharps are Betting Navy vs. Army, Coastal Carolina vs. Troy, More Week 15 Saturday Games article feature image

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  • It's Week 15 — one week away from conference championships — but sharps certainly aren't looking ahead.
  • They've hit three games on Saturday's slate, finding value in the final week of the regular season.
  • Check out how sharps are betting all three games and how that as impacted lines below.

Despite another slate shortened by cancellations, there’s still plenty of college football action to go around Saturday, which, of course, means plenty to choose from for bettors.

As you’d expect, the numerous betting opportunities mean a greater chance of finding betting value, which sharps have certainly been doing throughout the week. And of the games they’ve been betting, a few have also lit up some value signals highlighted by our PRO Report

  • 12 p.m. ET | Western Michigan vs. Ball State
  • 3 p.m. ET | Navy vs. Army
  • 3 p.m. ET | Coastal Carolina vs. Troy

Let’s take a look at the suggested spots.

Note: Data as of 4 p.m. ET Friday.

There’s more sharp action Saturday…

Wisconsin vs. Iowa

Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt

San Diego State vs. BYU

Western Michigan vs. Ball State

12 p.m. ET | ESPN+

Lighting up almost all of PRO Report indicators, the WMU-Ball State under has been a prime target for sharp bettors and our experts, and one of our PRO Systems shed light as to why.

Sharp Action

A 6-point line move is significant enough to suggest that sharp bettors are probably playing some sort of role, and Sports Insights Bet Signals confirm that to be the case here.

Five SI Bet Signals — at lines ranging from 71.5 down to 67 — have landed on the under, revealing five separate instances of market-wide line movement caused by sharp action.

Sharp Action edge: Under

Big Money

Providing further evidence of that sharp side, the under has generated 83% of money on just 64% of bets. Of course, that creates a notable monetary liability for sportsbooks to manage, but perhaps more importantly, it tells us that bigger bettors — the ones more likely to be sharps — are on the under.

Big Money edge: Under

PRO Systems

As for the reason that this has been on sharps’ radar, look no further than the weather forecast.

Along with some light rain, winds around 20 mph are expected throughout the game, making it a match for our Windy Unders PRO Betting System, which has returned a 57% win rate on a sample of more than 1,000 games since 2005.

PRO Systems edge: Under

Top Experts

It’s not just the sharps betting the under, either. This is the most popular pick amongst our staff this week.

As of writing, five of our top college football experts have also taken the under.

You can follow all our experts’ picks — and get notified right when they make them so you don’t miss a line — by downloading the free Action App.

Top Experts edge: Under

Navy vs. Army

3 p.m. ET | CBS

The annual Army-Navy matchup becomes Navy-Army this year, and sharps — as well as our experts — have taken a liking to the new home side.

Sharp Action

Bettors are essentially split on this game, but even with just a 51% backing, Army has jumped from -5.5 to the other side of a touchdown, now listed at -7.5 around most of the market.

In itself, that line move pretty much gives away the sharp side, but still, Sports Insights Bet Signals confirm it with three unique instances of professional action on the favorite.

Sharp Action edge: Army

Big Money

In a similar fashion to the above under, Army’s 51% backing has generated a much larger majority of actual money — in this case, 85% — revealing the opinion of bigger bettors, and once again serving as another hint to the sharp side.

Big Money edge: Army

Top Experts

Three of our college football experts have landed on Army as of writing, all of whom were able to grab the number before it moved off -7, serving as a perfect illustration of why notifications from the Action App can be so useful.

PRO Systems edge: Army

Coastal Carolina vs. Troy

3 p.m. ET | ESPN+

Undefeated Coastal Carolina may have just proved itself to be legit, but 14 points was too much of an edge over Troy according to sharps, and once again our experts are in agreement.

Sharp Action

As you might expect, the public is all over the 10-0 Chanticleers in this game. But even though 74% of spread tickets have landed on the favorites, they’ve fallen from -14 to -13.5.

Seven SI Bet Signals on Troy have confirmed the indication of sharp action being behind that move.

Sharp Action edge: Troy

Big Money

Perhaps most eye-catching regarding the market’s response to this matchup has been the discrepancy between bets and dollars.

Troy’s 26% backing has accounted for an impressive 68% of money, leaving no doubt as to how the big spenders (read: sharps) are playing this game.

Big Money edge: Troy

Top Experts

A pair of our college football experts are also riding the Troy train, having taken the Trojans at the key number of +14.

Model Projections edge: Troy

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