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Saturday Odds & Sharp Picks for Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma: Pros Betting Bedlam Spread and Over/Under (Nov. 21)


David Stacy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images. Pictured: Spencer Rattler, Seth McGowan.

  • Oklahoma-Oklahoma State has drawn the interest of sharp bettors all week.
  • They've moved both the spread and total -- one on the unpopular public side, and one in line with popular sentiment.
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Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma Odds

Oklahoma State Odds +7
Oklahoma Odds -7
Over/Under 60.5
PRO Projection OU -6.5 | 59.9
Time 7:30 p.m. ET
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It’s Bedlam in Norman, Okla., tonight, and sharps are taking notice. That’s right, the 115th meeting between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State isn’t just for the casual bettors, at least not with the lines offered this year.

Pros have made moves on both the side and total tonight, and our PRO Report has made those moves clear. Let’s take a look.

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Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma Sharp Spread Pick

It’s been all underdog action from sharps thus far, and they’ve caused a pretty significant line move as a result.

Sharp Action

Only 39% of bettors have taken the Pokes as of writing, but that minority has still been loud enough to get oddsmakers down from +9.5 to +7. That’s because it’s been littered with sharp action.

Per Sports Insights Bet Signals, which track and record instances of market movement caused specifically by sharp action, pros have hit Oklahoma State on at least three separate instances throughout the week.

It is worth noting, however, that the most recent move came at +7.5. In other words, we’ve yet to see any confirmation of sharp action at the key number of +7.

Sharp Action edge: Oklahoma State

Big Money

Also pointing toward a sharp backing of Oklahoma State has been the distribution of actual money hitting this spread. While the Pokes, as mentioned, are landing a minority of bettors, those bettors are generating a majority of the loot — 62%, to be exact.

And while that creates a slight monetary liability for sportsbooks, it more importantly reveals that Oklahoma State is attracting much bigger bets — the ones more likely to be made by sharps.

Big Money edge: Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma Sharp Over/Under Pick

A similar story is taking place regarding the total, though instead of Oklahoma State, it’s the over drawing big bets from sharps.

Sharp Action

Unlike the spread, which was made somewhat obvious by the fact that the line moved toward the unpopular side, the sharp play here has also been the slightly more popular one (56% of bets are landing on the over).

Still, though, with five SI Bet Signals hitting the over this week, there’s no questioning that it’s been the side preferred by sharps.

Sharp Action edge: Over

Big Money

And even with the majority of bets landing on the over, it’s still managed to draw a much larger majority of actual money. This time, the 56% of over bettors are accounting for 77% of dollars wagered, once again revealing the opinion of the bigger — and probably sharper — bettors.

Big Money edge: Over

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