The Parlay Show: NFL Week 2 and Some College Football

Sep 10, 2018 12:09 PM EDT

On this week’s Parlay show, Chad talks to Paul Lo Duca and Geoff Schwartz about Week 1 of the NFL season and gains some valuable insight into the Le’Veon Bell situation. Then they team up to create a nine-team parlay for the upcoming week in sports. All games from any sport are in play, and the goal is to win enough money to have everyone retire together down in Del Boca Vista.

Welcome to The Favorites.

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7:21 Geoff’s first pick
10:32 Paul’s first pick
14:43 Chad’s first pick
18:17 Geoff’s second pick
21:20 Paul’s second pick
26:36 Chad’s second pick
36:41 Geoff’s third pick
41:06 Paul’s third pick
43:21 Chad’s third pick
46:41 Nine team parlay review


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