2018 Gambling Olympics: Bales, Adams Add $7,000 in Side Bets

2018 Gambling Olympics: Bales, Adams Add $7,000 in Side Bets article feature image

The Highlights

  • On Day 1, Jonathan Bales and Brandon Adams bet $1,000 on one throw of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Bales won.
  • On Day 2, Adams has the chance to win his money back with a $1,000 best-of-seven RPS rematch.
  • Bales and Adams also have side bets on most of the other Day 2 events for a total of $7,000.

As if it weren’t exhilarating enough to play for the chance to win a $10,000 first-place prize in the Gambling Olympics, yesterday Jonathan Bales and Brandon Adams upped the ante by wagering $1,000 on a one-throw game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Bales won.


It’s a New Day

Today, they are doing a best-of-seven rematch for $1,000.

On top of that, they have $6,000 in additional side action on the Yahtzee, Daily Fantasy Sports, Sports Betting, Blackjack, Poker and Rock-Paper-Scissors challenges.

  • Adams risks $1,000 at +110 in each of the six events. Bales risks $1,100 at -110.
  • Whoever places higher in an event is the winner.
  • If the winner finishes first in the event, he gets a $1,000 bonus.
  • If the loser finishes last in the event, he pays a $1,000 penalty.

Side Bet Analysis

Although Adams entered the Main Event as a +400 favorite, at the end of Day 1, he was dead last in the standings. He might be a bigger underdog than his +110 odds suggest. Here’s how he and Bales did yesterday in the events that they are wagering on today:

  • Daily Fantasy Sports: Bales – 6, Adams – 10
  • Sports Betting: Bales – 7, Adams – 12
  • Blackjack: Bales – 2, Adams – 11/12
  • Poker: Bales – 4, Adams – 2
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors: Bales – 6, Adams – 9

On Day 1, Bales finished higher than Adams in four of five events. In the one event in which Adams had the superior showing, Bales still had a top-four performance.

Bales legitimately has a chance to sweep the side bets.

Check back in throughout the day to follow along with the action. We’ll update this article periodically as the side bets are settled.


Yahtzee: Adams and Bales both made the finals and played each other for first place and $2,100. Additionally, Peter Jennings won $4,000 by backing Adams in side bets.

Rock-Paper-Scissors: Adams wins $1,100 with a second-place Rock-Paper-Scissors finish. Bales places 10th.

Blackjack: Bales beats Adams with a fourth-place finish in Blackjack for $1,000 (Adams is 11th).

Poker: Adams finishes first in the Day 2 Poker tournament, earning another $2,100 from Bales, who finished sixth.

Sports Betting: Adams ranks 11th on the day; Bales, sixth, which is good enough for $1,000.

DFS: Bales evens the score a little more with a first-place showing. Adams finishes seventh. Bales wins $2,000

Rock-Paper-Scissors (Best-of-Seven Rematch): Adams wins. $1,000 to the victor.


Adams: Wins $6,300 in Yahtzee, Poker and two Rock-Paper-Scissors props.
Bales: Wins $4,000 in Blackjack, Sports Betting and DFS props.
Total: Adams nets $2,300.

It’s lucky for Bales that he took first in the Main Event. If he hadn’t, his side action would’ve cost him the majority of his winnings.