Survey: Golf Bettors Bet More Often, Spend More Than Any Other Bettors


Andrew Redington/WME IMG/WME IMG via Getty Images. Pictured: Phil Mickelson

Golf bettors in America bet more times per week than any major professional sports. They also have the highest percentage of bettors spending more than $1,000 a week.

Nearly four in five golf bettors (77%) say they bet several times a week versus the general population of sports bettors (51%), according to new data revealed Monday by Hot Paper Lantern’s State of the New Sports Bettor Report.

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More than one in four (26%) golf bettors say they bet more than $1,000 a month on golf, compared to 18% of the general population.

After golf bettors, NHL bettors are next in terms of frequent bets, according to the survey, with 67% of those bettors saying they bet several times a week.

The bettor who spends the most month per week, after those who bet on the PGA, are those bettors betting on Major League Baseball, with 21% of baseball bettors saying they spent more than $1,000 a month.

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The PGA Tour resumes this week with the Charles Schwab Challenge at The Colonial in Fort Worth, Texas.

Making Bets Several Times A Week

  • PGA Tour: 77%
  • NHL: 67%
  • MLB: 63%
  • NBA: 60%
  • NFL: 51%
  • General Population: 51%

Bet $1,000+ A Month

  • PGA Tour: 26%
  • MLB: 21%
  • NBA: 20%
  • NHL: 20%
  • NFL: 16%

Favorite Type of Bet

  • PGA Tour, Futures: 61%
  • NHL, Futures: 56%
  • MLB, Point Spread: 55%
  • NFL, Point Spread: 49%
  • NBA, Futures & Props: 46%
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