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BlackJack’s Plays of the Day: Riding the Wave

May 21, 2018 12:59 PM EDT

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Brothers and sisters, gather ’round while I tell a story. A story about a team formed eight months ago. A team that came out of nowhere. This team slowly built momentum. It slowly built a rabid fan base. It slowly became one of the great stories ever talked about. All of this was built on the back of one thing. Winning. Winning is what got this team where it is today, which is on the precipice of greatness. Was that story about the Vegas Golden Knights, or maybe, just maybe, was it about this team we’ve built together? That’s for you to judge. All I know is the Knights are going to the Stanley Cup Final, we had a 6-2 day yesterday and hit a parlay just for fun. That’s a spectacular day, but it’s yesterday, and the most important day is the next one. So let’s make this yesterday even better than the last one. TCB time, baby.



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