Cash or Crash – 2017 MLB Season Win Totals

Cash or Crash – 2017 MLB Season Win Totals article feature image

Most teams have either 15 or 16 games left in the season; therefore, I thought it would be a good time to provide everyone with a user friendly update on all of your season win total action.

I personally played the following six season win totals:

Rockies O 80.5
Mets O 87.5
Tigers O 82.5
Mariners O 85.5
Athletics U 73.5
Mets O 87.5
Reds U 69.5

I’m probably staring at 3-3 unless I can get an unlikely 12-3 Mariners push.

Let’s first dive into the 15 teams in the National League, and then finish off with the 15 teams in the American League.

National League


  • Five unders have already clinched (Cubs, Giants, Mets, Pirates, Phillies).

  • Only two overs have clinched so far (Diamondbacks, Brewers).

  • Overs for the Dodgers, Nationals, Padres, and Rockies should all hit, as all four teams need only two or fewer wins of the 15 or 16 remaining games on the schedule for each team.

  • The Cardinals, Marlins, Reds and Braves are currently too close to call. The Cardinals have seven games with the Cubs left, the Braves finish with 17 straight NL East opponents, the Reds finish the year with six on the road at the Cubs and Brewers, and the Marlins are currently playing home games in Milwaukee.

American League


  • Only two unders (Blue Jays, Tigers) and one over (Twins) have clinched so far in the AL, so there is a lot still to be determined over the final two weeks.

  • I would assume the Yankees and Indians overs both get to the window, since both teams only need to win three more games. Astros and Royals over backers are also in good shape.

  • Unless the Mariners or Rangers get white hot, their over tickets are dead. Additionally, I doubt the Athletics or White Sox go 10-6 over their last 16 games, so under backers should be able to cash their tickets with both.

  • The Orioles, Rays, Angels, and Red Sox are currently too close to call. The Orioles and Rays play each other seven times to end the year. The Red Sox start a nine-game road trip today (Rays, Orioles, Reds) before finishing up the year at home vs. the Blue Jays and Astros. The Angels have nine left at home (Rangers, Indians, Mariners) and seven on the road (Astros, White Sox).

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