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MLB Advanced Stats: What is wRC+?

MLB Advanced Stats: What is wRC+? article feature image

Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images Pictured: Juan Soto

wRC+ Definition

wRC+ (Weighted Runs Created Plus) takes the Runs Created stat from Bill James and adjusts the number to account for external factors, such as ballpark effects.

The league average wRC+ sits at 100, so a player who notches a wRC+ of 150 would be 50% above league average. Similarly, a player with a wRC+ of 80 created 20% fewer runs than league average.

wRC+ exists, in essence, to evaluate a player offensively based on the number of runs he created for his team.

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wRC+ in Today’s MLB 

In 2020, Juan Soto led the league with a wRC+ of 200, meaning Soto created 100% more runs than an average player would have in the same number of plate appearances.

Because it adjusts for factors like ballpark, league, and era, it allows for easier comparison between players with many external differences. wRC+ can help you compare Soto to Mike Trout, or Trout to 1962 Mickey Mantle.

wRC+ in Sports Betting

Bettors can use this statistic to figure out how likely it is a player will create runs for his team. If a team has multiple players with a high wRC+, it’s more likely they’ll create runs for their team in any given game.

Our Sean Zerillo uses wRC+ in his model and projections for betting MLB games, which you can read about here.

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