2018 World Series Odds: MLB Deadline Deals Don’t Move Needle Much

Jul 31, 2018 6:58 PM EDT
  • The Astros and Red Sox remain the World Series betting favorites after the 2018 trade deadline
  • The Pirates, who added starting pitcher Chris Archer, saw their odds shorten from 80-1 to 60-1.

The 2018 non-waiver trade deadline has passed and some big pieces changed locations, including Chris Archer (Rays to Pirates), Brian Dozier (Twins to Dodgers), Kevin Gausman (Orioles to Braves) and Wilson Ramos (Rays to Phillies).

The deadline is one of the checkpoints in a baseball season, so it’s always interesting to see if there’s a knee-jerk reaction to a big deal or a team standing pat. This season saw very little movement in the market immediately after the deadline despite the flurry of deals completed on Tuesday afternoon.

Updated 2018 World Series Betting Odds

The Pirates had the only noticeable shift in the market, going from 80-1 to 60-1 after acquiring Chris Archer from the Rays. And even though that looks like a big move on the surface, it only represents a small change in implied probability. At +8000, oddsmakers suggested the Bucs had ~1.23% chance of winning the World Series. By moving to +6000, their implied probability has increased to ~1.64%.

Meanwhile, the top of the board remained unchanged as the Astros and Red Sox remain still the betting favorites.

Both teams shored up their rosters over the past few days with the Astros acquiring Roberto Osuna from the Blue Jays while the Red Sox traded for Nathan Eovaldi from Tampa Bay.


Evan Habeeb, USA Today Sports. Pictured: Chris Archer

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