National Championship Game Live Betting Strategy: When to Play Clemson-LSU In-Game


Gregory Shamus/Getty Images. Pictured: Joe Burrow

Jan 13, 2020, 05:41 PM EST
  • Betting won't end when LSU and Clemson kick off on Monday night -- there should be plenty of live opportunities available as two high-powered offenses trade blows.
  • Collin Wilson and Steve Petrella identify a pair of live betting angles they're looking for during the national championship game.

Two elite offenses playing in a competitive game makes a great live betting recipe.

LSU is a 5-point favorite over Clemson in Monday’s national title game, and we’re sure to get better prices as the game progresses.

Here are two ways we’re trying to get the best of the live betting market.

Collin Wilson: The Middle 8

There is no exact science to live betting other than getting the best of the closing number. The coin toss is a crucial part of live betting, as the team that gets the ball in the second half can likely have consecutive possessions if the clock is played correctly in the second quarter.