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Wednesday College Football Weather Report: Forecasts for Western Michigan vs. Central Michigan, Northern Illinois vs. Ball State, Toledo vs. Eastern Michigan


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  • It's going to be cold and windy across tonight's three-game MACtion college football slate.
  • See the forecasts for all three games and read how savvy bettors can take advantage of each weather forecast for Wednesday night MACtion.

As you are (hopefully) well aware, MACtion season is well underway. And as you’re also probably well aware, mid-November MACtion generally brings with it some noteworthy weather. Cold temperatures, wind and snow on rare occasions … you know, football weather.

Well, tonight’s three-game slate is no different. Before getting into the individual forecasts, though, here’s a quick breakdown of why bettors should be aware of the weather when betting college football.

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College Football Betting System: Windy Unders

When it comes to affecting scoring (and thus, betting odds), wind is king. In fact, one of our most steady PRO Systems comes simply by taking unders in college football games played in 13+ mph winds.

The theory makes sense. Wind makes passing more difficult, which naturally cuts down the number of big passing plays, but also causes teams to rely more heavily on the run game. That means fewer clock stoppages, which leads to fewer drives, and therefore, scoring opportunities. It also (in most cases) doesn’t make life any easier on field-goal kickers.

And history tells us that a cold wind has created an even more difficult scoring environment. In fact, that combo allows us to reduce the wind threshold while maintaining the profit, historically speaking.

Here’s how unders have performed in games since 2005 with 10+ mph winds at various temperatures:

  • 50 degrees or more: 932-826-23 (53.0%)
  • Less than 50: 297-227-10 (56.7%)
  • Less than 40: 102-75-4 (57.6%)
  • Less than 35: 59-34-4 (63.4%)

Those figures will be worth noting as you take a look at tonight’s forecasts.

Note: Odds, forecasts as of 10:55 a.m. ET.

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College Football Weather: Wednesday MACtion Forecasts

Northern Illinois vs. Ball State

7 p.m. ET | ESPNews | Muncie, Ind.

  • Projected wind speeds: 13 to 17 mph
  • Projected temperature: 40 to 43 degrees
  • O/U open to current: 62 to 62 [See live odds]

Western Michigan vs. Central Michigan

7 p.m. ET | ESPN2 | Mount Pleasant, Mich.

  • Projected wind speeds: 12 to 14 mph
  • Projected temperature: 37 to 40 degrees
  • O/U open to current: 62 to 58.5 [See live odds]

Toledo vs. Eastern Michigan

7 p.m. ET | CBSSN | Ypsilianti, Mich.

  • Projected wind speeds: 10 to 13 mph
  • Projected temperature: 37 to 40 degrees
  • O/U open to current: 59.5 to 61.5 [See live odds]

The betting tools used by the pros

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Projections from proven pros

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