Moose Tracking: Seven Heaven, Buzzer Beaters, and Overtime Agony

Moose Tracking: Seven Heaven, Buzzer Beaters, and Overtime Agony article feature image

We all deserve a professional sports team with a moose mascot. The closest we have is the Manitoba Moose, the AHL affiliate of the Winnipeg Jets. They have one of the best mascots in sports named Mick E. Moose, and they even have something called “Moose TV.” Although, I don’t know if I could ever bet on a team named the Moose.

For those of you not familiar with the term “Moose,” it has been used for years within the sports betting world to reference a bad beat. It originated within the old school gambling forums more than 15 years ago, and has stuck ever since.

Every Monday, I will highlight the five biggest “mooses” from the weekend across all sports from my perspective (I can’t see everything). If you had the misfortune of betting on three of the five on the list,  you will be inducted into the “Sports Action Moose Hall of Fame Club,” get some gear, and potentially win some cash if you are a PRO member.

Let’s get into the five worst beats of this past weekend.

5. Syracuse +4.5

Overtime didn’t treat college basketball bettors well this weekend.  I hope you didn’t have to endure losing La Salle +1.5 in triple OT to Duquesne, Chattanooga +1 in OT to Citadel, or one of the countless unders ruined by the extra frame.

Syracuse backers also felt the wrath of overtime on Saturday. Florida State made only 1-2 free throws with 16 seconds left in regulation to increase their lead to three points. Cuse then tied it with a 3-pointer with six seconds to go. The game eventually went to overtime after Florida State missed a layup at the buzzer.

Cuse jumped out to a four-point lead in the first OT, but couldn’t hold on for the win, as they missed a game-winning 3 of a tie game in the final seconds. The Orange then predictably died in the second OT, and lost by a final score of 101-90. Moose.

4. Hawaii -2.5

I’m sure some of you inevitably chased late night with some Hawaii home action. It didn’t end well. Weird things happen on the island.

Hawaii, which led by as many as 16 in the second half, went to the line up by six with 15 seconds left. They missed both. UCSB hit a 3 and then Hawaii split at the free throw line, which left the back door wide open. You can guess what happened next. UCSB drilled a 3 at the buzzer to get inside the number.

3. UTEP -4.5

After UTEP missed a free throw that would have increased their lead to 11 points with 15 seconds left, FIU drilled a 3 with six seconds left. Leading by seven with five seconds remaining, UTEP missed two more free throws. FIU grabbed the rebound and hit a three at the buzzer to cover by the hook.

During the final 6.4 seconds, FIU went 2-2 from 3 and UTEP went 0-2 from the line, which led to a half point FIU cover. Moose.

2. Jaguars 2H +7.5

Since the Jags trailed by only four in second half scoring, those who took Jacksonville +7.5 2H could only lose if the Steelers scored a touchdown on their final drive.

On fourth and 10, Vance McDonald made the juke of his life to keep the Steelers’ drive alive. Pittsburgh then drove down the field with relative ease before an intentional grounding call, but for some reason, Mike Tomlin decided not to kick the field goal. The Steelers eventually scored on fourth and goal with one second remaining.

Maybe Mike Tomlin really wanted to cover the 2H because he certainly wasn’t concerned about going to the AFC Championship.

1. Saints +4.5

Seven Heaven. Fittingly, that’s the name of the play the Vikings scored on. However, those who took the Vikings -5.5 later in the week are still waiting for that seventh point, as Minnesota decided to kneel on the extra point after an excruciatingly long delay for those holding 5.5 for either side.

However, if you took the Saints +4.5 number earlier in the week, that one will sting for quite some time. The first time in NFL playoff history that a team scored a game-winning touchdown with no time on the clock.

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