Super Bowl 53 Odds Fallout Following Rams-Saints Week 9 Game

Nov 06, 2018 8:30 PM EST

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

  • The Rams-Saints Week 9 game resulted in nearly a 10% swing in implied Super Bowl odds for both teams.
  • The Steelers-Ravens game was not as noteworthy, but resulted in the next biggest riser and faller of the week.
  • It's not all bad in Los Angeles as the Chargers (+1400) continue to win and put pressure on the Chiefs.

The Saints continue to be tested and keep passing with flying colors. They’ve rattled off a slew of impressive victories (and covers) with Sunday’s game against the Rams the best of the bunch.

As a result, oddsmakers have rewarded them handsomely.

The Rams, though still the favorites, have taken a substantial hit in terms of implied probability.

Here’s where we’re at following Week 9:

All odds via the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook as of Monday at 2 p.m. ET. Click on the date to sort.


New Orleans Saints: +700 to +350 (+9.7% Implied Probability)

For the past several weeks, the Rams have been atop the list with no real competition. That all changed when they fell to New Orleans.

There’s now a chance that the Saints end up with home-field advantage in the NFC. The one problem? The Saints’ remaining schedule is tough.

The Rams have to play the Chiefs in a couple weeks, but at least have a couple of cupcakes sprinkled in. The Saints are cupcake-free and still have two crucial divisional games against the Panthers.

Pittsburgh Steelers: +1200 to +800 (+3.4% IP)

The Steelers’ outlook had been hairy a few weeks into the year, but they’ve gotten past the Le’Veon Bell drama with four straight victories, moving their odds all the way from +3000 to +800.

Anyone who took them at +3000, bravo!

Their win over Baltimore was huge in terms of AFC North implications, as the Ravens have now fallen to 4-5. The Bengals remain in the hunt, but will need to gut out some wins without several important offensive players.

Los Angeles Chargers: +1600 to +1400 (+0.8% IP)

This move isn’t all that much compared to the first two teams, but the Chargers have been qyietly grinding since their odds fell to +3000 in early October.

If anything, they’re keeping the Chiefs honest sitting just one game back with three easy games coming up. A 12-4 record is certainly a possibility for LA’s other team.


Los Angeles Rams: +160 to +250 (-9.9% IP)

The Rams’ offense had a solid day, but their defense did them dirty. Who could blame them, though? Keeping the Saints in check in the dome is a tough task, but this loss is going to come at a price.

After plateauing around +160, the Rams have fallen back to +250. It doesn’t look big on paper, but their implied odds have swung from 38.5% to 28.6%.

A 15-1 record is still very possible and anything less than 14-2 would be surprising, so expect this team not to fall too much further the rest of the year.

Baltimore Ravens: +3000 to +10000 (-2.2% IP)

Yikes. The Ravens were at +1800 just a few weeks ago and are now among the longshots.

They still have to visit the Falcons, Chiefs and Chargers this season and with five losses already, would need to put up a hell of a fight to finish the year 9-7.

A playoff berth for this once 4-2 team is now looking unlikely.

Washington Redskins: +4000 to +8000 (-1.2% IP)

I actually had to do a double take on this one. The Redskins (NFC East leading Redskins, that is) are +8000 despite their 5-3 record and position atop the standings.

Obviously, they’re nowhere near the likes of the Rams, Saints and perhaps a few NFC North teams, but they still lead their division.

It seems like a raw deal to give them 80-1 odds, but I guess bettors will ultimately decide whether that price offers value.

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