Joffe’s Props: Big Dogs, Romo and Kickers

Joffe’s Props: Big Dogs, Romo and Kickers article feature image

Jerome Miron, USA Today Sports. Pictured: Tony Romo

It’s that time of the year again folks…the time when I prove to my family and friends that if there was ever any doubt, I am indeed a degenerate.

Yes that means Super Bowl time and I’m here for all of it. I have the added bonus of having lots of family from out of town and out of the country here so Sunday may be the day I’m officially labeled the black sheep of the entire generation of my tree. I’m willing to accept that so moving on….

There’s quite a few articles posted from the experts here at Action Network regarding prop bets and I highly recommend you take a look at those, especially for some of the player props.

But I’ve been asked which ones I’m taking so here they are in all their glory. Please note there is a 100% chance I add more as the games draws near because…I have very little self-control.

Now I started off doing things more “technical” and since as some of you know I have an affinity for kickers, I started there.

FG scored in 1st quarter? YES -119

The Rams attempted the most field goals of any team this season so I figured this was a good place to start.

The Pats were more in the middle but I can see Belichick going for points rather than risks early on. I don’t actually have the data for that, I just have a feeling. And those feelings ALWAYS work out sooo (they do not).

Longest FG scored in game — UNDER 46.5

Greg Zuerlein made 34 of 39 field goals this year. Stephen Gostowski made 30 of 35. The only misses came (unsurprisingly) from the longer attempts. Zuerlein went 7-12 for FG 40+ yards and Gostowski went 11-16.

The first missed field goal? WIDE RIGHT -105

Combined this year the two kickers have missed 10 field goals, of those, seven went wide right. Only one went wide left and two hit the uprights. I like those odds for -105.

Either kicker hit the upright or crossbar on a FG or PAT? Yes +350

This one I took not really thinking about anything other than seeing the +305. I don’t really like my chances here but I made the bet so here it is.

OK enough of the kickers on to the novelty props.

Number of typos in Donald Trump’s tweets on SB? OVER 0.5 +270

I mean there’s got to be at least ONE right? I have such little faith in his spelling so I’ll risk it for those odds.

Will Donald Trump attend the Super Bowl? YES +2811

I think it’s already been announced that he’s going to be in Florida so looks like I lost this one before the game even started but I couldn’t resist +2811. I just couldn’t.

Travis Scott be shirtless any moment during the HT show? Yes +940

I freely admit to not being a fan of his music and have seen very little video of him performing so I’m not ashamed to say I took this one just because it’s +940. This bet may actually be the only reason I bother to watch the half time show…on mute. NEXT!

My dream job was to be a creative director for an advertising agency so I have a special love and appreciation for the commercials. I’ve even managed to NOT watch ANY of them so I look forward to being surprised.

Company with best average rating for SB commercial? Field +125, Anheuser-Bush +576, Expensify +1003.

Those were the ones I chose to gamble on and one could argue that me NOT watching the commercials before hand is a bad move on my part for gambling purposes and they might be right but I still don’t care. I WILL ENJOY THE COMMERCIALS DAMN IT.

I threw in Expensify because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a commercial from them and I’d like to think that a company making their big commercial debut will make the gazillion dollars they spent on the ad time, worth it like their lives depended on it.

I’ll be happy with most of the commercials as long as there’s lots of dogs though. Those automatically get a high rating, hopefully the companies I’ve bet on know this.

Will a play Tony Romo predicts result in a TD? YES +214

I’m in the “Romo is amazing” camp when it comes to having him in the booth and I hope he stays forever. He’s a wizard and I want to believe his wizardry results in a TD so I’m more than happy to do that at +214.

So who do I think wins? My heart says Rams, my brain says Pats, and my money says…I don’t know yet and probably won’t until Sunday so find it on the app. But this L.A. girl will be cheering for the Rams you best believe it.

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