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The Favorites: NFL Week 3 Lines and Spreads + Twitter Q&A with Bookmaker Scooch

Sep 20, 2018 1:13 PM EDT

Graphic for the Action Network’s newest podcast, “The Favorites.”

Before going through and analyzing all 16 of this week’s NFL games with bookmaker Bob Scucci, Chad takes care of some important business. Simply put, Scooch needs a theme song. He’s a legend and should be treated as such. We came up with two options, and now the rest is up to you. Time for a Twitter vote.

Aside from figuring out Scooch’s sonic identity, Chad does a Twitter Q&A, including a question about when the best time to make a bet is. Also, Scooch takes you behind the scenes of how he set his lines for this week’s games.

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Cleveland-New York Jets (10:40)
Carolina-Cincinnati (14:34)
Saints-Falcons (16:59)
Denver-Baltimore (20:03)
Tennessee-Jacksonville (23:34)
Buffalo-Minnesota (24:27)
Chiefs-49ers (28:21)
Indianapolis-Philadelphia (31:57)
Oakland-Miami (33:35)
New York Giants-Houston (36:07)
Green Bay-Washington (41:12)
Chargers-Rams (42:30)
Chicago-Arizona (44:18)
Dallas-Seattle (46:37)
New England-Detroit (48:45)
Pittsburgh-Tampa (50:45)
Finally, Scooch Roulette. (55:19)

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