NHL Announces Sports-Betting Partnership with MGM Resorts

Oct 30, 2018, 09:35 PM EDT
  • On Monday the NHL announced it will be partnering with MGM Resorts as its official sports-betting sponsor.
  • The deal isn't exclusive, but MGM will now have access to advanced stats that should allow for a better in-game betting experience.

On Monday, the NHL announced that it would be partnering with MGM Resorts, making the entertainment/gaming company its official sports-betting partner in a multiyear agreement.

MGM agreed to a similar deal with the NBA in July, and is now the lead sports-betting sponsor for two major U.S. sports.

Much of the deal with the NHL was centered upon the use of advanced data. MGM will now have access to puck tracking and other advanced statistics from the NHL, all of which will help to create a better in-game betting experience.

Like the deal MGM made with the NBA, however, its agreement with the NHL is not exclusive for marketing purposes, and does not restrict the NHL from offering the same data to another entity.

Still, both sides were very optimistic in their statements following the announcement.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman called the deal “exciting” and “ground-breaking” for the league.

MGM CEO Jim Murren added, “Combining MGM Resorts’ world-class sports betting operations and technology with the NHL’s top-level competition, iconic brands and cutting-edge data will further transform the rapidly growing sports betting marketplace and solidify our position at the forefront of the industry.”

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