How Pros Are Betting Blues vs. Bruins Game 1

How Pros Are Betting Blues vs. Bruins Game 1 article feature image

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  • The Stanley Cup Final between the Blues and Bruins finally begins tonight in Boston (8 p.m. ET, NBC).
  • The lines have been open for days and we've seen sharp activity on both the moneyline and over/under.

The Stanley Cup is finally here! Not sure why they couldn’t have started on Friday or Saturday, heck, even Sunday. Then again, I don’t have a say on the NHL schedule, so I couldn’t tell you why that’s the case.

Similar to the Super Bowl, this extra rest has allowed bettors more time than usual to get action down on the game. Also like the Super Bowl, we saw some early action get down after the lines opened, then a lull in activity.

However, we’re starting to see some movement again this morning for the first time in a few days.

Stanley Cup Game 1 Moneyline

After opening at -160 last Wednesday morning, the Bruins received about 55% of moneyline bets and more than 80% of the early money over the first 24 hours the lines were open. However, the line fell down to -148, with the Blues settling in at +134. There must have been a few very respected bettors that got down on the Blues,

Since then, the betting activity has been very quiet. Perhaps pros were waiting for limits to go up, as there typically aren’t opportunities to bet big on hockey games that are five days away.

At the crack of dawn today — the west coast crack of dawn that is — there was finally some more line movement on the moneyline. Bruins fans won’t be happy to see that the line once again moved towards St. Louis, with the Blues moving from +134 to +131.

If we check back in on our betting percentages, more bettors have piled on the Black & Gold, but money has swung towards the Blues in a big way. St. Louis is getting just 35% of bets, but more than half of the money at 52%.


The over/under has less of a Pros vs. Joes split and more of a one-sided onslaught of activity. Similar to the moneyline, there was some initial line movement after opening followed by a lull in the action.

For those unfamiliar with betting on hockey over/unders, there can be some serious juice on one side before the line moves an actual half goal. It’s not like your typical basketball or football over/under where the line will move a half point after -120 or -125.

This total opened at 5.5 (o+116/u-131) and was up to u-140 within the first 36 hours thanks to more than half the bets and more than 90% of the early cash on the under.

Perhaps some of them have read Stuckey’s article about Stanley Cup unders.

After no movement for three days, the juice ticked up to -144 yesterday.

This morning, there was a Chernobyl-esque disaster at the Juicy Juice plant, as the juice finally reached a tipping point. A steam move came in on the under shortly after 8 a.m. ET, dropping the total down to 5 (o-130/u+115).

This occurred right after the moneyline moved, too. Like I said, I have a hunch it has something to do with higher limits. As of 9 a.m., the under is getting 53% of bets and is still commanding 87% of the cash.

With hockey not a wildly popular sport, some people may not have been paying attention to the lines until today. Shockingly enough, the Stanley Cup receives far less action than the other major sports championships. I would not be surprised to see more waves of sharp activity come through as the day progresses.

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