Download Our Free 2018 Ryder Cup Props Sheet

Sep 27, 2018 9:34 PM EDT
  • The 2018 Ryder Cup kicks off on Friday, Sept. 28 with the U.S. Team favored to win for the second time in a row.
  • Fill out our PDF prop sheet to add some extra sizzle to one of the best betting events on the calendar.

Every two years, we’re blessed with one of the best betting holidays of all: The Ryder Cup.

The wagering options are endless. … You can bet whether the first tee ball will find the fairway, whether Tiger Woods will score over/under 2.5 points and, of course, whether the U.S. will repeat as champion.

You’ll find those props and plenty more on the handy sheet linked below. Print this sucker out, challenge your buddies and reap the rewards!

Download our FREE 2018 Ryder Cup Props Sheet

Need help filling out your sheet? Check out all of our Ryder Cup coverage.


Ian Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

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