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Masters Millionaire James Adducci Bet $100,000 on Tiger to Win Grand Slam at 100-1

Masters Millionaire James Adducci Bet $100,000 on Tiger to Win Grand Slam at 100-1 article feature image

Rusty Jarrett/Augusta National/Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Tiger Woods after the 2019 Masters.

  • James Adducci recently made headlines by winning $1.19 million on Tiger Woods' win at the 2019 Masters.
  • Adducci has taken $100,000 of his winnings and placed it on Woods to win all four Majors at 100-1.

James Adducci is putting his money where his mouth is.

The bettor from Wisconsin, who made $1.19 million on an $85,000 bet on Woods to win the Masters, placed a $100,000 bet on Woods to win the next three majors at 100-1 odds.

William Hill spokesman Michael Grodsky confirmed that Adducci made the bet in person on Wednesday at the William Hill sportsbook at the SLS Casino in Las Vegas. The bet, which was first reported by Golf Digest, would pay Adducci $10 million if Woods wins the PGA Championship, the Open Championship and the U.S. Open.

“I wanted a nice round number to go for when he wins the grand slam,” Adducci told The Action Network.

When Adducci spoke to The Action Network after his big win, not only did he say it was his first sports bet, but that he had a hunch that Tiger would win them all and he was thinking about making that bet.

Adducci said he was happy with how William Hill treated him for his last bet, so he didn’t shop around to make this one. The $100,000 bet is the most extravagant thing he has done with his winnings.

“So far there’s been no blue chinchilla fur coats purchased or helicopter test drives scheduled, but that may change come July,” Adducci said. “I’m looking at purchasing an Ostrich farm to build a race track. They’re faster than horses and taste great on the grill.”

Woods won won four in a row before — he completed the “Tiger Slam” at the 2001 ‘Masters, but not in the same calendar year. No golfer has ever accomplished that feat.

Adducci would have been able to get 500-1 at William Hill if he made this Tiger bet back in February.

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