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Staff Picks: Favorite 2018-19 NBA Futures Bets

Oct 15, 2018 7:55 PM EDT

Photos via USA Today Sports.

  • The 2018-19 NBA season will tip off next Tuesday, Oct. 16.
  • The Action Network NBA staff compiled some of their favorites NBA future bets for this upcoming season.

Don’t panic, but the NBA SEASON IS ONE WEEK AWAY!

And that means it’s time to get in your NBA futures bets. So without further ado, here are some of our favorite futures bets for this upcoming season, courtesy of NBA analysts Rob Perez (World Wide Wob), Matt Moore, Bryan Mears, Justin Phan, Ken Barkley and Evan Abrams.

Wob: Jaren Jackson Jr. to win Rookie of the Year (+1000)

He’s Giannis Antetokounmpo with a wet 3-point jump shot. Yeah, I said it, and you would too if he played in a city other than Memphis. I’ve never seen someone influence EVERY play, whether it is recorded in the box score or not, like this guy. He is EVERYWHERE.

Most importantly: His usage will be through the roof on a team with little depth or scoring ability.

Matt Moore: Cavaliers to make playoffs (+400)

I have them on the outside as the 9-seed right now, a game behind Miami. The Cavs have looked so good in preseason, though.

I know, it’s preseason, but I have a good sense for what to buy and what not to. Cleveland’s just capable. Even if Kevin Love can’t be a superstar who leads you to 50 wins, he can definitely be a reliable scorer and play-setter who gears you toward .500, which gets you well within range of the playoffs.

George Hill is basically Brussels sprouts at this point. The only people who say they love Brussels sprouts are trying to be the kind of people who say they love Brussels sprouts. However, you know the thing about Brussels sprouts? They’re really good for you! They’re an extremely nutritious food! And so it is with Hill.

They have some young guys with upside, and while I worry about the post-LeBron hangover, I also think it’s possible a lot of this roster makes more sense when they’re not in hyper-stress situations around him. No one will be gunning for the Cavs, and with the bar so low in the playoffs, I love getting 4-1 on a team with this much certified NBA talent.

Ken Barkley: James Harden to win MVP (+550)

He is the fourth choice in the market and should be the favorite. Of the league’s dominant, locked-in 50-plus win teams, the Celtics, Sixers and Warriors all either have two players who could share accolades (Philly), no real viable candidate (Boston) or no plan to play for statistical accomplishments (Golden State).

Giannis (and maybe Kawhi Leonard) are the only other two who really make sense here unless New Orleans is MUCH better than I think it will be. LeBron as the favorite is wonderful because the chances he wins are so low it makes other prices inflated.

Repeat winners are completely in play with this award, as a repeat winner has happened four times since 2000, and LeBron did it twice. This will be Harden’s second, and then he will pass the torch to Davis (on a new team) and Giannis to win the next one or two MVPs until Ben Simmons and Donovan Mitchell are ready.

Matt Moore: East futures

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