Koerner’s 2019 NFL Power Ratings

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  • Sean Koerner, our Director of Predictive Analytics, reveals his latest 2019 NFL Power Ratings.
  • You can use these ratings to get Koerner's projected betting odds.

Welcome to my 2019 NFL Power Ratings.

I create these ratings as a way to project my own spreads and totals for each matchup.

Using Power Ratings to Project NFL Odds

I use my power ratings to project weekly spreads by plugging them into this formula:

(Home Team’s Rating – Away Team’s Rating) + Home Team’s HFA = Projected Spread

So, for example, if a home team has a rating of 9 and an away has a rating of 3, and the home team’s HFA is worth three points, then the home team would be favored by three points.

Note that HFA is typically worth 2-3 points, but can vary from team to team.

I break down my projected spread and totals for every matchup each week, complete with my take on which are worth betting, so keep an eye out for that every Wednesday.

Here are my latest Power Ratings (as of Saturday, November 9).

Koerner’s Week 10 NFL Power Ratings

Note: HFA is how many points each team’s home-field advantage is worth.

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