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NFL Combine Props: Will Rich Eisen Run 40 Yards in Fewer than Six Seconds?

NFL Combine Props: Will Rich Eisen Run 40 Yards in Fewer than Six Seconds? article feature image

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Rich Eisen

  • The NFL combine will take place from Feb. 26 to March 3 in Indianapolis, Ind.
  • In what has become an annual tradition, NFL Network host Rich Eisen will run the 40-yard dash for charity.
  • One sportsbook has posted the over/under for his time at 6.0 seconds. Eisen ran it in 5.97 seconds last year.

Happy NFL draft prop season everybody! There’s plenty to be excited about, and plenty to bet on, but there’s one draft prop that stands head and shoulders above the rest: Rich Eisen’s 40-yard dash.

#RunRichRun is a fantastic cause that supports St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Eisen addressed his training and current state of mind during his show Wednesday.

He's been training, he's lean, he's mean and @richeisen is ready to set a new personal record. A #RunRichRun update a little more than a week out: to donate! @StJude

— Rich Eisen Show (@RichEisenShow) February 20, 2019

The biggest takeaways from Eisen’s spiel …

  • Rich ran six (!!!) 40-yard dashes on Tuesday.
  • He’s been working on the get out. “It’s the get out, can’t pop up too soon.”
  • Eisen had a picture of his fastest time (5.94 seconds) readily available.
  • Eisen is feeling good — and motivated: “Antonio Brown stole Mr. Big Chest from me.”

The current over/under for Eisen’s 40-yard dash at the combine is six seconds. Last year we were able to correctly predict that Eisen would run faster than 6.05 seconds, but this year will be a bit more challenging with an opening line of six seconds.

Eisen’s original 40-yard dash times were horrendous; he ran between 6.34-and-6.77 seconds from 2005-09. He seemingly blew out his hamstring during the 2009 run according to a 2016 interview.

It’s been an exciting run over the past nine years when Eisen has run without dress shoes, but under six seconds has still been a tough mark to get past.

  • 2010: 6.21 seconds
  • 2011: 6.18
  • 2012: 6.03
  • 2013: 6.03
  • 2014: 5.98
  • 2015: 6.1
  • 2016: 5.94
  • 2017: 6.02
  • 2018: 5.97

Overall, Eisen has averaged 6.05 seconds since he started wearing appropriate footwear. He’s broken the six-point barrier on three occasions in 2014, 2016 and 2018.

Still, the NFL analyst has aged like fine wine, running the 40-yard dash in 6.03 seconds or faster in six of the past seven years. Eisen has averaged a 6.002 40-second dash during his last five runs.

Six seconds is a damn good line. Ultimately, Eisen’s age and injury history raise too many questions for me to put my money on a 49-year old with a history of getting injured at this event.

I’ll take Eisen to run the 40-yard dash in more than six seconds, but this probably isn’t the best bet to put your mortgage behind.

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