NFL Week 3 WR/CB Matchups: Can Casey Hayward Jr. Shut Down DeAndre Hopkins?

Sep 21, 2019, 08:15 AM EDT
  • Matthew Freedman breaks down Week 3's most important WR/CB matchups, highlighted by Casey Hayward Jr. vs. DeAndre Hopkins.

Football is a team sport, but often games are determined by the individual matchups of offensive vs. defensive players.

Perhaps no clash on the football field is as iconic as that between wide receivers and cornerbacks. Size, speed, touchdowns, turnovers, trash talk — this matchup has it all.

In this piece, I leverage snap data from Pro Football Focus to project NFL Week 3 WR/CB matchups.

Although many players in today’s NFL move across the formation, it’s not uncommon for receivers and cornerbacks to line up primarily wide to the right, wide to the left or in the slot.

With these tendencies in mind, I am projecting matchups based on where receivers and corners have most frequently lined up in recent games. There are a few exceptions, though, most of which have to do with shadow matchups, which I touch on at the end of the piece.

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