2022 Super Bowl Odds Tracker: Bucs Still Favorites, Chiefs & Packers Next

2022 Super Bowl Odds Tracker: Bucs Still Favorites, Chiefs & Packers Next article feature image

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  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers held onto their stranglehold atop the Super Bowl odds list after a close win over the Indianapolis Colts.
  • The Green Bay Packers were the highest risers of the week after a 36-28 win over the Los Angeles Rams. Conversely, the Rams tumbled down from third to eighth.
  • Read further to get a full breakdown of what the Super Bowl odds picture looks like after Week 12.

Updated Super Bowl 56 Odds

Odds via PointsBet, updated December 1. Confused? Learn more about American odds here, and compare all Super Bowl futures prices here.

Team Odds Probability
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +500 12.57%
Kansas City Chiefs +650 11.2%
Green Bay Packers +700 10.89%
Buffalo Bills +750 9.48%
Arizona Cardinals +850 8.60%
Baltimore Ravens +1100 6.81%
New England Patriots +1100 6.81%
Dallas Cowboys +1200 6.28%
Los Angeles Rams +1200 6.28%
Tennessee Titans +1600 4.80%
Los Angeles Chargers +3000 3.04%
Cincinnati Bengals +3300 2.87%
San Francisco 49ers +4000 1.99%
Indianapolis Colts +5000 1.60%
Minnesota Vikings +5000 1.60%
Cleveland Browns +6600 1.22%
 Denver Broncos +7000 1.12%
 Las Vegas Raiders +8000 1.02%
Philadelphia Eagles +10000 0.81%
Pittsburgh Steelers +12500 0.61%
New Orleans Saints +12500 0.61%
Washington Football Team +20000 0.41%
Seattle Seahawks +40000 0.21%
Atlanta Falcons +50000 0.16%
Carolina Panthers +50000 0.16%
Miami Dolphins +50000 0.16%
New York Giants +50000 0.16%
Chicago Bears +100000 0.08%
New York Jets +100000 0.08%
Detroit Lions +500000 0.02%
Houston Texans +500000 0.02%
Jacksonville Jaguars +500000 0.02%

We’re about to hit the home stretch of the NFL season, so there’s no better time to update Super Bowl odds and see where all 32 teams stand.

Of course, many teams are already eliminated. Others might be among the favorites but are starting to show some cracks. And some others might be finding their stride at the perfect time.

The Tampa Bay Bucs remain the Super Bowl LVI favorite at PointsBet at +500 ($10 wins $50), with their odds shortening since last week. The Kansas City Chiefs, despite some midseason turbulence, remain the second betting choice at +650. There’s a big pocket of teams between +700 and +1200 after that who are all contenders.

The biggest movers so far this season have been the Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys, who both lead their divisions as we enter Thanksgiving week. The Cowboys opened at around 30-1 depending on the sportsbook. Arizona was around 40-1 preseason, and both are now approaching single digits.

Remember, the prices at one book are not always the best across the market. The hold on these Super Bowl odds from PointsBet is 22%, meaning on average they’ll keep 22 cents for every dollar wagered, a fairly common price on Super Bowl futures.

On a point spread bet, sportsbooks will keep about 4 cents per dollar on average. The higher the hold, the more unfair the pricing is for the bettor.

FanDuel Sportsbook has a lot of advantageous prices in the middle of the odds board, for example. So be sure to shop around if you’re in a legal betting state and betting Super Bowl futures.

Who Is the Super Bowl LVI Favorite?

Let’s dive into each key contender below:

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+500)

The Bucs are doing what Super Bowl favorites and defending champions often do — drop games you think they shouldn’t, but take care of business before it becomes a real problem. They beat a solid Colts team despite some mistakes on both sides of the ball.

The Super Bowl LV winners lead their division but are not in pole position to capture home-field advantage in the NFC, or the first-round bye. That will hurt Tom Brady’s chances for yet another Super Bowl MVP and ring, but Tampa still boasts the most efficient offense in the NFL and a top 10 defense by EPA.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (+650)

The Chiefs have had some ups and downs in 2021 but their Super Bowl odds reflect that no sportsbook wants to hang a long number on Patrick Mahomes and the Super Bowl LV runner up. Kansas City has picked it back up in recent weeks and is in fine position to make another run at the Lombardi Trophy.

DraftKings Sportsbook has the best price on the Chiefs for Super Bowl LVI at +700.

3.Green Bay Packers (+700)

The narrative around the Packers isn’t all roses, but Green Bay covered nine straight games until a narrow loss to the Vikings the week before Thanksgiving. Then, they took down a Rams team that had been the third-best favorite on this list. This team is very much still a contender, and these Super Bowl odds reflect that.

4. Buffalo Bills (+750)

This team might have some of the most confusing results of any team in the NFL, with losses to the Jaguars, Colts and Steelers.

But the advanced metrics love this team. Not only do they still have the No. 1 ranked defense in the NFL, but they were ranked as the No. 1 team overall even after their loss to the 2-9 Jaguars.

It looks like oddsmakers are expecting Josh Allen to have some positive regression after several horrible weeks of play. Allen still had two turnovers in a blowout victory over the Saints, but as long as he keeps putting 41 points on the board, this defense will win them playoff games.

5. Arizona Cardinals (+850)

The Cardinals opened the season north of 40-1 at some sportsbooks but have taken a big step forward this year. They lead their division after Week 12, and the defense is absolutely lights out. Kyler Murray has been out for the last three weeks and Arizona will need him at full strength to make a Super Bowl run. Murray figures to return this week against the Bears.

6. Baltimore Ravens (+1100)

Lamar Jackson is returning to his MVP form but injuries have bitten the Ravens more than most teams in the NFL, especially on the offensive line. Baltimore still leads its division but all three teams behind them are .500 or better and could challenge for the AFC North crown.

7. New England Patriots (+1100)

The Pats dropped to north of 60-1 at some sportsbooks after a rocky start of the season but Mac Jones is finding his groove and the defense looks all-world once again. A prop bet on the Pats to win the division might be interesting to believers, but these Super Bowl odds are tough to stomach at 11-1.

8. Dallas Cowboys (+1200)

Another big mover from before the season, the Cowboys defense has been much better (at least in its results; turnovers have helped quite a bit) and Dak Prescott has mostly been great in his return from last year’s injury. Their odds stayed the same this week despite a Thanksgiving Day overtime loss to the Raiders.

9. Los Angeles Rams (+1200)

The Rams have been terrible the last three weeks. No other way to put it. Matthew Stafford has thrown a pick-six in every game of their three-game slide and their defense has looked average. There are few teams in the NFL with more upside, so they’re priced accordingly, but unless Stafford figures out his turnover issues, this team won’t be going far in the playoffs.

10. Tennessee Titans (+1600)

The top 10 is where the odds really jump into a different tier list.

The Titans remain a Super Bowl contender without Derrick Henry because of a soft division, but they’re a cut below the better teams in the AFC. A blowout loss to the Patriots didn’t help their cause last week. Still, defense has improved mightily after having ranked as low as No. 31 in defensive DVOA earlier in the season.

11. Los Angeles Chargers (+3000)

Coach Brandon Staley got a lot of love for his aggressive decisions early in the season, and everyone fell in love with the Chargers. Then it looked like quarterback Justin Herbert was entering a sophomore slump.

Then L.A. rebounded with some high-scoring performances and wins. The Chargers trail the Chiefs in the AFC West but should be a factor in the playoff race down the stretch and their Super Bowl odds reflect that.

12. Cincinnati Bengals (+3300)

The Bengals are in a logjam in the AFC North but Joe Burrow looks to be fully recovered from a gruesome leg injury he suffered late last season. Cincy was an 80-1 or longer shot before the season but have ripped off a series of impressive wins, including a 41-10 dismantling of the Steelers.

13. San Francisco 49ers (+5000)

The 49ers were the highest risers of the week after beating a decent team in the Vikings. They’ve won four of their last five games and rank highly in DVOA on both sides of the ball. Their odds shot up from 16th-best last week to 13th-best this week.

14. Indianapolis Colts (+5000)

A lot of people wrote off the Colts a month ago but they responded with a pair of quality wins over the 49ers and Bills on the road. And while they lost to the Bucs on Sunday, they were incredibly competitive throughout. Still, their odds dropped from +2500 to +5000 on account of their position in the AFC South.

Indy should still factor into the wild card race. Vegas likes this team more than most NFL bettors and fans.

15. Minnesota Vikings (+5000)

The Vikings have been snake-bitten by bad luck and close losses but finally got on the right side of one by beating the Packers 34-31 on a game-winning field goal as time expired in Week 11. At 5-5 there’s plenty of work to do, but the postseason is still in reach. If you’re truly a believer and want to bet on the Vikings, 50-1 is probably the best price you’ll get on Minnesota’s Super Bowl odds.

16. Cleveland Browns (+6600)

Cleveland put up an absolute dud against the Ravens on Sunday Night Football. Baker Mayfield and the air attack are terrible — but that’s probably due in large part to how dinged up their franchise quarterback is. The 6-6 Browns have a lot to do to limp into the playoffs. And they’ll have their hands full for their final five games. They play the Packers and Steelers on the road and host the Ravens, Raiders and Bengals.

17. Denver Broncos (+7000)

Another fringe postseason contender, the Broncos will need some help to get into the playoffs. A big win over the Chargers last week helped assuredly buoy their odds, but they’ll need far more consistent offensive play to keep this pace up. Teddy Bridgewater was dinged up last week, and honestly, can you trust Drew Lock to pull this off? Denver plays the Chargers, Raiders and Chiefs all on the road in the final six weeks.

18. Las Vegas Raiders (+8000)

The Raiders sit at a decent 6-5 with about a third of the season to go. And for everything Vegas has been through this season, they’ve shown up in some big moments.

19. Philadelphia Eagles (+10000)

The Eagles are in the playoff mix after ripping off three wins in four games but a deflating loss against the terrible Giants put a fat dent into their playoff odds. They trail the Vikings, Falcons, Saints and Washington Football Team by a half game for the No. 7 seed in the NFC despite a bad 5-7 record.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers (+12500)

You won’t find many people who believe the Steelers can win the Super Bowl, despite the fact that they’re still in contention in the AFC North. Ben Roethlisberger has been slightly more efficient than he was last year, but is a long way off from even three seasons ago. Dude just cannot move more than five steps anymore.

21. New Orleans Saints (+12500)

The Saints’ offense has struggled since Jameis Winston went down for the season, but the defense is among the best in the league still. There’s a reason they’re 125-1 to win the Super Bowl. But, unless they can figure out their quarterback situation, there’s not a very robust path for them to make a deep run.

22. Washington Football Team (+20000)

Washington limped through October but shocked the Bucs at home, beat the Panthers on the road and took down the Seahawks to get to 5-6. Somehow, someway, WFT can still limp into the playoffs despite their foibles on both sides of the ball.

23. Seattle Seahawks (+40000)

Russell Wilson is back from his finger injury but the Seahawks offense looks completely lost, and the defense has been just OK. In a difficult division, it’s hard to imagine this team putting it together down the stretch to reach the playoffs. A loss on Monday Night Football against the lowly Washington Football Team pretty much tanked their playoff odds.

24. Atlanta Falcons (+50000)

The Falcons somehow still have a chance to make the playoffs at 5-6 but their advanced statistics are all in the bottom quartile of the NFL. This is a bad team masquerading as an average one.

25. Carolina Panthers (+50000)

Carolina feels more in the playoff mix than Atlanta or Washington given their one-game edge in the standings, and offensive spark with Christian McCaffery back and Cam Newton under center again. But at 500-1, the betting market doesn’t see any Super Bowl hope.

26. Miami Dolphins (+50000)

The Dolphins were a fringe Super Bowl contender before the season but the defense has regressed in a major way this season, and the offense has been inconsistent in part due to injuries at quarterback and receiver.

27. New York Giants (+50000)

The Giants fired offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and might be taking the franchise in a much different direction this offseason.

28. Chicago Bears (+100000)

It feels like the Bears are close to parting ways with coach Matt Nagy. The offense has been a disaster all year, and Justin Fields is now injured, leading way for Andy Dalton to lead this team under center again.

29. New York Jets (+100000)

There’s no defense that’s looked more lost than the Jets. And their rookie quarterback has been bad, too. This team was always a few years away at best, but there’s not a whole lot going right in New York. They did pull off a win last week over the similarly bad Texans, though all that may do is screw up their draft position.

30. Detroit Lions (+500000)

The Lions are winless — though they do have one tie! — which will make it very difficult to win the Super Bowl considering we’re almost in December.

31. Houston Texans (+500000)

The Texans have been scrappier than people expected with two wins and a few other close calls. They shocked the Titans in Week 11 — winning outright in Tennessee — before dropping a home game against the lowly Jets the following week.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (+500000)

The Jags are one of the league’s worst teams but did shock the Bills 9-6. That was their Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Betting FAQ

Where Can I Bet on the Super Bowl Winner?

Super Bowl futures betting is available at every American sportsbook. See where legal sports betting stands in your state.

When Is the 2022 Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is a week later than normal this year because of the extended regular season. It will take place on Sunday, Feb. 13.

What Were the Bucs’ Odds to Win Super Bowl LV?

The Bucs entered Super Bowl LV as a 3.5-point favorite to beat the Chiefs. They were 60-1 before signing Tom Brady, and entered the season at around 10-1 to win it all.

Past Super Bowl Winners

Date Winner
2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2020 Kansas City Chiefs
2019 New England Patriots
2018 Philadelphia Eagles
2017 New England Patriots
2016 Denver Broncos
2015 New England Patriots
2014 Seattle Seahawks
2013 Baltimore Ravens
2012 New York Giants
2011 Green Bay Packers
2010 New Orleans Saints
2009 Pittsburgh Steelers
2008 New York Giants
2007 Indianapolis Colts
2006 Pittsburgh Steelers
2005 New England Patriots
2004 New England Patriots
2003 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2002 New England Patriots
2001 Baltimore Ravens
2000 St. Louis Rams
1999 Denver Broncos
1998 Denver Broncos
1997 Green Bay Packers
1996 Dallas Cowboys
1995 San Francisco 49ers
1994 Dallas Cowboys
1993 Dallas Cowboys
1992 Washington Redskins
1991 New York Giants
1990 San Francisco 49ers
1989 San Francisco 49ers
1988 Washington Redskins
1987 New York Giants
1986 Chicago Bears
1985 San Francisco 49ers
1984 Los Angeles Raiders
1983 Washington Redskins
1982 San Francisco 49ers
1981 Oakland Raiders
1980 Pittsburgh Steelers
1979 Pittsburgh Steelers
1978 Dallas Cowboys
1977 Oakland Raiders
1976 Pittsburgh Steelers
1975 Pittsburgh Steelers
1974 Miami Dolphins
1973 Miami Dolphins
1972 Dallas Cowboys
1971 Baltimore Colts
1970 Kansas City Chiefs
1969 New York Jets
1968 Green Bay Packers
1967 Green Bay Packers

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