NFL Preseason Sharp Report: Pros Betting Pats-Titans, Rams-Cowboys

NFL Preseason Sharp Report: Pros Betting Pats-Titans, Rams-Cowboys article feature image

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  • Sharps are betting a pair of games on tonight's NFL preseason slate.

New England Patriots vs. Tennessee Titans

7 p.m. ET

  • Spread: Patriots -1
  • Total: 42.5

With both teams coming off decisive wins last week, public bettors are somewhat split on this spread. Still, as you’d probably expect, the Patriots are drawing the majority of bettors tonight (56%).

Despite that, though, this line has dropped from Pats -3 to -1. By itself, that reverse line movement should serve as a pretty good indication that sharps are at play. Also helping make the case for the professional action, the Titans’ 44% backing has generated 69% of actual money being wagered.

That means bigger bettors (likely sharps) are backing the home team.

That indication is confirmed by Sports Insights Bet Signals, which track and record sharp action in the market, have triggered three moves on the Titans — two at +3 and one at +1.

Sharp angle: Titans (moved from +3 to +1)

Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams

  • Spread: Cowboys -3.5
  • Total: 38

10 p.m. ET

This spread sits at Dallas -3.5 after opening at -3 … in favor of the Rams.

Off the bat, that kind of movement should raise a red flag. The public certainly isn’t going to cause a 6.5-point line move on its own — let alone from one key number to another.

But whether or not personnel had to do with the initial move, the latest jump from Dallas -2 to -3.5 was certainly a direct result of wiseguy activity.

Since yesterday alone, four SI Bet Signals have hit Dallas at lines of -2, -2.5 and -3, causing oddsmakers to drag the line across the all important -3.

With those four moves, Dallas has reached a total of seven since opening.

Sharp angle: Cowboys (moved from +3 to -3.5)

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