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3 Plays, 21 Points & 1 Nightmare Minute for Super Bowl 35 Under Bettors

3 Plays, 21 Points & 1 Nightmare Minute for Super Bowl 35 Under Bettors article feature image

Credit: Andy Lyons /Allsport. Pictured: Jermaine Lewis #84 of the Baltimore Ravens.

As we flirt with the potential for the highest over/under in Super Bowl history, it’s time to turn back the clock to 20 years ago today when the Ravens and Giants faced off in Super Bowl 35.

Believe it or not, the over/under for that game was only 33 — over three touchdowns lower than the current total for Super Bowl 55.

If you were betting on sports back then, I hope you didn’t have the under.

Baltimore ended up winning 34-7, so it might not look like a bad beat for under backers on the surface. However, just take a look at how the teams got to 41 points.

The Ravens took a 7-0 lead midway through the first quarter when Trent Dilfer hit Brandon Stokley for a 38-yard touchdown. Scoring then died down until the final minutes of the half when Matt Stover connected on a 48-yard field goal to give Baltimore a 10-0 lead, which it took into the half.

The historic Ravens defense was completely shutting down the Giants offense. Under backers were in great shape, especially with a Baltimore offense that scared nobody that season. After all, we are talking about a team that went five consecutive games without an offensive touchdown during the regular season.

The third quarter was going swimmingly for under bettors, as Matt Stover missed a 41-yard field goal with six minutes left in the quarter. The score remained 10-0.

Both teams then traded punts and under backers kicked their feet up in relaxing fashion.

But then, the most horrifying game minute for an under in maybe NFL history ensured.

  • Kerry Collins throws a pick six
  • Ron Dixon returns ensuing kickoff for a touchdown
  • Jermaine Lewis answers with an 84-yard kick return

Yes, 21 points in three plays — all without a single offensive yard. Stunning.

Jermaine Lewis: Maryland hero.

84 went 84 in the @Ravens Super Bowl 35 win.

20 years ago today.

— Maryland Terrapins (@umterps) January 28, 2021

Under backers no longer had their feet kicked up and were now nervously sipping their beers and snacking on chips.

It was inexplicably now 24-7. One single field goal would put the game over the total.

There would be no justice for under bettors, as the Ravens added 10 points in the fourth quarter thanks to two short drives that started in Giants territory. The Raven went on to win 34-7 in a Super Bowl under bettors will never forget.

The two teams ultimately combined for 31 second half points — despite amassing just 142 yards. That’s what happens when you have three non-offensive touchdowns in the span of one game minute.

For the game, the Giants finished with 152 total yards, zero offensive points and five turnovers. The Ravens offense did put up 20 points, but didn’t even eclipse 250 total yards.

If you do end up wagering on the under in Super Bowl 55 between the Chiefs and Bucs, I hope you don’t have to endure three non-offensive touchdowns on three consecutive plays.

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