Super Bowl 53 Prop Bets: Entertainment Props Cheat Sheet

Super Bowl 53 Prop Bets: Entertainment Props Cheat Sheet article feature image
  • Sportsbooks are offering a wide variety of prop bets for Super Bowl 53, including many entertainment props.
  • See all of our picks for these bets, ranging from the national anthem over/under, to whether or not President Trump or Spongebob Squarepants attend the game.

We like Super Bowl prop bets here at The Action Network. Actually, “like” would be an extreme understatement.

The Super Bowl is the only game that you can bet on what will happen during the commercials, though. And how long the national anthem will take. And what the person singing that national anthem will be wearing.

With that said, we’ve wrapped up all of our “entertainment” prop bet picks and write-ups into this article so you don’t miss anything.


Will President Trump attend the game?

Why don’t you start out with some no-risk risk profits? No president has never attended the Super Bowl. Will President Trump buck the 52-0 trend?

National Anthem Over/under 1:47

A timeless classic. Jonathan Bales tackles this fan favorite with the help of some 1991 YouTube footage.

Will the winning team visit the White House?

If you shop around, you can bet on both “yes” and “no” and guarantee yourself either a push or win.



Puppy Bowl

You could sort of call this a Super Bowl prop, though it is an entirely different game altogether. See how “sharp” bettors have sided for the other big game on Sunday.

How many commercials will have dogs in them? Over/under 5.5

Speaking of pooches, you can bet on how many Super Bowl commercials will show a dog in them. Was Super Bowl 52’s four dog commercials a fluke? Can canines rebound?

What will be the first letter of the Puppy Bowl MVP’s name?

There’s betting on the Puppy Bowl, then there’s betting on the Puppy Bowl MVP, then there’s betting on the Puppy Bowl MVP’s name. Luckily for us, Danny J. Donahue tackled this hard hitting question.


Will Jim Nantz or Tony Romo mention the spread?

You’d think Tony Romo was playing in the Super Bowl with all the attention he’s gotten over the past few weeks. (We all know that would never happen, though.) Will he or his partner in the booth throw gamblers a bone and mention the odds?

How many Bud Light commercials will have the Bud Knight in them? Over/under 1.5

The Bud Knight made his debut last Super Bowl, and oddsmakers have a total set on his appearances during this year’s commercial card. Forget about going to the bathroom during timeouts!

How many times will the CBS broadcast show a picture of Sean McVay in college? Over/under 1.5


How many times will the CBS broadcast mention Ted Rath? Over/under 3.5

I tackled these two Rams coaching staff broadcast-related props in my prop card. My gut tells me these trendy topics leading up to the Super Bowl are generally hyped up a bit more than they ought to be.

Darren Rovell’s Own Section

How many times will Darren Rovell Tweet on Sunday? Over/under 75.5

Our friend Darren Rovell is what some might refer to as a Twitter-holic. He loves to tweet — especially on Super Bowl Sunday.

Off the board

I guess we hammered these too hard…

Will there be a Spongebob costume/inflatable used at halftime?

With folks clamoring for a Spongebob tribute, this bet was worth a flyer at nearly a 5-1 payout.

How many Clydesdales will be in the Budweiser commercial? Over/under 8.5

One sportsbook left their Clydesdale prop up after the commercial was leaked. That’ll cost ’em!