Blues Fan Who’d Win $100K on Stanley Cup Win: ‘I Refuse to Hedge, We’re All Gonna Be Victorious’

Jun 12, 2019 06:50 PM EDT

Darren Rovell-The Action Network

  • Scott Berry, a lifelong Blues fan, bet $400 on his hometown team back when it was in last place. If St. Louis wins the Stanley Cup tonight, Berry would profit $100,000
  • Darren Rovell, BlackJack Fletcher and Chris Raybon caught up with Berry this morning on The Action Network's SiriusXM show to see how he was feeling entering this potentially life-changing game.

In January, Scott Berry was in Las Vegas when he threw down $400 on the St. Louis Blues to win the Stanley Cup at 250-1 odds. As the worst team in the league, it was an absurd bet made by a guy who bet emotionally on his own team. But emotion is why Berry is still in the game, as in he hasn’t hedged in his potential $100,000 win despite chances to get out without putting any money down from PropSwap. Berry got offers from other bettors to buy him out at $75,000 when the Blues were up 3-2 before Game 6. Berry said no, seeing it as bad karma for the team he was rooting for.

Darren Rovell, BlackJack Fletcher and Chris Raybon spoke to Berry on Wednesday on The Action Network’s SiriusXM show this morning ahead of his $100,000-or-nothing night.

BJF: I’d love to get your mood right now, Scott.

Scott: You know it’s so funny, it’s like I never in a million years thought I would be watching a game where I either am a $100,000 victor or I’m walking away with my tail between my legs. But, I’ve got all faith in these guys, I still think they’re gonna do it, they’re a better road team so tonight’s gonna be an emotional roller coaster. You’ll probably see me in tears either way.

Darren: All right, Scott, what’s the set up for tonight, where are ya?

Scott: It’s been back and forth whether to watch it at my mom’s house with just some family, and of course, there’s a couple local news places that want to come watch me

Darren: No!

Scott: I’m like, ‘I don’t know about that,’ but then there’s a friend that owns a bar in The Hill here in St. Louis and they’re talking about maybe just having my close friends and family over there to watch.

Darren: I think you should watch it alone by yourself in a room. I’m a little worried about the bar situation.

Scott: I have one friend who said ‘Hey just lock yourself in a room, put your phone away and just watch the game.’

BJF: I wouldn’t want anybody around me

Darren: No, not anyone around me. You ever have any situation like this in your life?

Scott: No, never. So this is surreal, I mean this whole thing the last month or so has been really just surreal for me. I’ve kept faith in these guys … and I’ve got full faith (tonight). I refuse to hedge. … We’re we’re all gonna be victorious

BJF: OK, you just mentioned that you refuse to hedge. I know you’re a big fan and I know you probably feel like it would’ve been bad luck, but when somebody came to you and offered you $75,000 for that ticket, how close did you come to selling that thing? I would’ve sold it in a heartbeat.