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2024 Super Bowl Props: Odds & Picks on Coin Toss, National Anthem, Gatorade Color, More

2024 Super Bowl Props: Odds & Picks on Coin Toss, National Anthem, Gatorade Color, More article feature image

Action Network/Getty Images. Pictured: Reba McEntire (left), Taylor Swift (center) and Usher.

If you're interested in betting on Reba McEntire, a coin toss and Gatorade, we're here for you.

While people are busy betting on touchdown scorers and passing yards, there are bets to be made on Super Bowl props that are only available for one game every season.

Check out what our experts' recommendations are for the 2024 Super Bowl props market.

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2024 Super Bowl Props: Odds & Picks on Coin Toss, National Anthem, Gatorade Color, More

Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds & Pick

By Anthony Dabbundo

Last season, the AFC was the designated away team, which meant the Chiefs had the option to call heads or tails. Kansas City chose tails, won the toss, deferred to the second half and then went on to win the game over Philadelphia.

DraftKings is once again offering a parlay of coin toss winner + game winner being the same team. Keep in mind this parlay is introducing more juice and house edge than just traditionally betting the +100 coin flip. Thankfully, the Chiefs broke the streak of eight consecutive Super Bowl coin toss winners going on to lose the game, mainly because we don’t have to hear anyone discuss that ‘trend’ after one team wins the coin toss on Sunday night.

If betting the actual coin toss outcome isn’t your thing, you can also choose to bet which team will win the toss. It’s the exact same bet from a numbers perspective, but maybe rabid Chiefs and 49ers fans want to set the tone with a win over the other team before the ball is even kicked off.

San Francisco has the choice on the coin toss as the designated away team for the Super Bowl. One of the 49ers captains will make the call for heads or tails and then all eyes will be on head referee Bill Vinovich for the most exciting three seconds in sports betting.

Millions of dollars will change heads on the outcome of this toss before we’ll all immediately forget about it until February 2025. In the era of short attention spans, impulse decision making and the need for constant stimulation in the backdrop of the explosion of betting in sports, I can think of few things more quintessentially American (and degenerate) than betting on the coin toss.

And I’ll be there on tails (responsibly).

Super Bowl National Anthem Odds & Pick

By Ryan Collinsworth

It is undeniable that McEntire's history singing the national anthem suggests that under 90 seconds is a wise bet. But, I contend that a performance at the Super Bowl is not comparable to a performance at a 1974 Oklahoma City Rodeo Championship, nor even comparable to the 1985 World Series.

The Super Bowl is an event — a spectacle, even. This extends to the singing of the national anthem, which increasingly has featured more choreography and showmanship in the last decade than in the prior decade.

Would I be shocked if Reba McEntire performs unaccompanied? Frankly, yes.

I believe McEntire would most prefer that outcome, but I equally believe that Super Bowl organizers likely will not abide it. When evaluating McEntire solely on the basis of her vocal gravitas, she comes up short. She needs support.

That support will come via accompaniment, which will necessarily limit her tempo (even if it remains uptempo relative to previous Super Bowl performances) and will encourage 4/4 meter as opposed to 3/4.

This combination of factors almost necessarily demands a national anthem performance between 100 and 110 seconds, even if the performance is uptempo or even if the performance features fewer total beats/bars than expected.

The only true comparable performer on record who serves as the model for a 90-second performance is Kelly Clarkson (2012, 94 seconds). She performed the fewest total beats on record (109), opted for the third-highest tempo on record (70 bpm) and strictly adhered to 3/4 time, while supported by a drumline to enforce that cadence.

… and she still exceeded 90 seconds, even despite possessing world-class breath support (which McEntire does not have).

Even despite the numerous variables that make McEntire's anthem performance difficult to handicap, the handful of inductions we can make all lead to a singular conclusion: Bet the Over.

Bet: Over 90.5 seconds

Usher Super Bowl Odds & Props

By Gilles Gallant

FanDuel: Will Usher Debut A New Song During The Halftime Show? (Yes -120 / No +100)

Odds via FanDuel (Ontario) and as of Friday, Feb. 9.

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this market.

This would be a very risky move from Usher to debut a new song with such limited stage time. The average halftime show is 12-15 minutes long and a lot of people who are tuning in are either watching for the high school nostalgia of Usher or too young to remember his peak and mainly know him from playlists on streaming apps.

The latter remembers the great songs (Yeah!, Confessions Part II, U Make Me Wanna) but sometimes struggles to remember the periphery crooning songs of his catalog (U Got It Bad!, Burn, Nice & Slow).

The amount of songs to be played O/U is at 8.5 with it steamed to the Over. For a quick exercise, I’ll list seven Usher songs in no particular order that are all existing hits and should likely be featured in the halftime show:

  • My Way (favored to be the opening song)
  • Yeah!
  • Confessions Part II
  • DJ Got Us Fallin In Love
  • OMG
  • You Make Me Wanna
  • Without You

Each of these songs I’m quite confident will be played at halftime even though it did pain me to omit “U Don’t Have To Call” and “U Remind Me,” as those were staples of my youth.

If we’re at seven songs and he’s likely to play nine or more, this means you also have to consider songs he had features with to be included in the setlist like No. 1 single “My Boo” with Alicia Keys or “Lovers and Friends” with Lil’ Jon and Ludacris. I could see the former being played if Keys is able to make it to Vegas as it already seems like Luda and the Crunk King will be in attendance for potential collaboration on “Yeah!!”

Finally, what about the singles off his new album “Coming Home”? Great question! That’s one of the main reasons why we like “No” because the four singles of “Good Good,” “Risk It All,” “Ruined Me” and “Standing Next To You” from his new album aren’t considered “new” to the sportsbook rules. This means it would need to be a song nobody had ever heard until it was released on Friday, Feb. 9, and for the crowd to then get behind it. I don’t buy it.

I’ve listened to the new album a few times and while it has some fun tracks, no songs stood out as ones that needed to be debuted in front of 50 million people. This is Usher’s biggest performance of his life (even though he already appeared during a Super Bowl Halftime Show). He may have a song called, “Risk It All” but that doesn’t mean he is going to do that literally and potentially have backlash from fans waiting to hear songs they’re familiar with. Especially given this show is more of a “comeback”/coronation for the R&B star.

If you take yourself out of the fan zone for a second, do the math and think logically, this should be closer to -150 for “No” given the time constraints, existing catalog and having the newest singles included for potential outs.

Pick: No (+100)

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Taylor Swift Super Bowl Props

By Matt Trebby

FanDuel: Will the MVP mention Taylor Swift in his speech? (Yes +520 / No -900)

Again, the fine print is important: "Must mention Taylor/Swift/Taylor Swift and be broadcasted on Ontario’s local network."

I don't think a 49ers player who could win Super Bowl MVP would go out of his way to mention Swift, so let's focus on the Chiefs.

I definitely think there's a world where the Chiefs win and Patrick Mahomes is the MVP, and he mentions (whether tongue-in-cheek or not) having Swift on their side to help push the Chiefs over the top. If Kelce wins, it almost feels less likely that he would draw attention to her unless Jim Nantz pushes him in that direction.

Of all of the Taylor Swift props available, this is probably the one I'd be most likely to put something (a very small amount of money) on.

Lean: Will the MVP mention Taylor Swift in his speech? Yes +520

Super Bowl Gatorade Color Odds

By Collin Whitchurch

Where You Can Bet on the Gatorade Color

The first time the Gatorade color bet was available at legal books was in 2019 for Super Bowl LIII, when it was approved in New Jersey. In general, getting states to allow the color of the Gatorade for bettors has been problematic.

Currently, sports bettors can wager on the Gatorade color in Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, Washington DC, West Virginia and Wyoming in the United States, and in Ontario in Canada. West Virginia's rules stipulate that the bet must be in an hour before kickoff.

Bettors in those states can find the Gatorade color prop at sportsbooks such as DraftKings, FanDuel, PointsBet and BetMGM, among others.

Are you in North Carolina? With North Carolina sports betting expected to launch on March 11, you’ll be able to bet legally at major sportsbooks. Learn more.

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